Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Precious Quilt

Sweet Lydia made this blanket for Benjamin and I cannot believe I have not posted about it sooner. I actually found a post in my drafts but I never had a picture to put with it, so it was forgotten.

My mother-in-law sent us the most wonderful fleece blanket for Benjamin that we love and he buries his face in it every night ;) but I was still in search for something that was big enough and not fleece for the months when things got warmer. A lightweight quilt was ideal but all the ones I found were too bulky, especially the one that came with his bedding.

The girls and I fell in love with rag quilt purses a few months ago and at the same time I fell in love with the rag quilts too! (My friend Sophia can make these purses! I'll post some pics of ours later)

I started perusing the web and in the meantime Lydia just so happened to post about making her first. I chatted with her about what I was looking for and she made my quilt!

I absolutely love it and my girls want their own :) Lydia has considered taking orders and so if you guys love them too, please make a visit to her blog, Seasons, and tell her! You can use pieces that are special or sentimental and mix out colors to match your bedding. My friend, Tiff, has these quilts for her kids and they hold up wonderfully.

Lydia, I am so glad to have gotten to know you here in the blog world and since we don't live too far from one another, I know it won't be long until we meet face-to-face!

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gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

You're so sweet! I loved making it! We go public about the adoption this week, so look for it on my "Seasons" blog. I'll be making these blankets to help fund the process. I have three in the works right now- check out I'm also inviting you to my private adoption blog. Look for it in your email:) And yes, We WILL meet one day:)

Jill said...

I love love love the purses! If only I could sew....

Anonymous said...

My kids do love their quilts, but sadly may be outgrowing the Curious George, Hello Kitty, well and even Mickey Mouse...if that's possible I may have to save up and get them some new ones made!

A good blankie can go a long way!!