Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Great Post & Discussion

Samuel & Hayden ages 4 & 3

Connie at Smockity Frocks has linked to a wonderful discussion about boys. Read through her post but also the different links to Cindy at Dominion Family.

Raising sons is such a great blessing but also comes with such great responsibility. As their mother I try to be mindful of the goal of raising men even when they are still such young boys.

Just the other day we had a fabulous discussion about bugs and bringing them to a timely demise and with some level of bravery (even if it involves one of his boots and a paper towel). I have given him the ultimate authority over unwelcome critters and reminded him that we (his sisters & I) are in need of his services. He is our little man after all ;)

I love reading through the discussions in the comment section, so don't miss those. Not having friends nearby with older boys it is encouraging to hear the advice of the momma's who are raising sons and it helps to be reminded that it is a "good" thing for my boy to HI-YA! his way through life.

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kelly said...

As a mommy to a boy just a bit younger than yours, it helps to have someone who has been there and can offer encouragement, advice..
Bradley is doing much better on the potty training front, which makes me soooo happy! Thanks for your encouragement to be patient!

Anonymous said...

So, we should just let "boys be boys" ? Sure wish I had had these words years ago when I was the only boy mom in the group.
Now that my oldest boy is 12, I love getting the glimpses of man in him.
Thanks for always pointing us the wise words.
Love ya, Lea Ann

Kim said...

Well, we are grateful for your humility (aka: thanks for not rubbing it in our faces) since now we are living out the era of "launch-pad couches and department store mannequin attacks".

Love you L. It's good to have you as Senior Momma.

Anonymous said...

You can call me Senior Momma. Just don't put it on a t-shirt.

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Ah the joys of boys. Let's see...things my boys have done that my girls never even though of: painted the outside of our WHITE house with mud and yellow paint. Stopped up the toilet by stuffing "Little People" down it and flushing washclothes. Getting heads stuck in the banister and having to be "sawed" out. Trying to climb out the upstairs window in order to save toys on the roof that were thrown out earlier. Burning things. Breaking things. Using magic wands and Barbie dolls as swords and guns. Riding gung-ho on a bike down the wheelchair ramp, flipping, then doing it all again despite the skinned knees. Falling TEN feet out a tree then climbing it again, 'cause one concussion in a lifetime isn't enough. Watching our for their sisters because they are sure that that is what heros do. Hugging and kissing their mommy 'cause they are still her babies. Making Daddy laugh and laugh 'cause who knew that he really wouldn't be the last of the Wells Clan? It's all good...God's good:)

Smockity Frocks said...

Thanks for the link!

What I love about Cindy is that she has raised sons to adulthood and they still come home to visit! I think she knows a thing or two that I want to learn.

Anonymous said...

By no means am I bragging, but I will say as a momma of two of the most amazing boys...14 and 12 I have enjoyed getting to see them become real bug squashers and problem solvers in the last 9 months as they have also become the real men of our household. They have always been eager to help out and get involved next to their daddy in whatever project we had going at the time and so now that we find ourselves a family of four with no head of the household around anymore they have picked up the shield easily and step in to carry groceries, and yes even help put them away, take care of all things dog, change lightbulbs, batteries in smoke alarms when they go off in the middle of the night, help sister with cooking dinner and clean up on the nights I have to work, and make sure to batten down the hatches (lock doors) when it's time for bed and I'm not home yet. They have even been known to tuck sister into bed and give her a quick she was such a daddy's girl and still needs the lovin'! I do not take any of these big and little things including squashing spiders and bugs, or using the tools given to us by a sweet man in our church when a screw is loose. They will be the most amazing men, husbands, and fathers someday... but for now they are MY amazing young men and I'm so thankful, grateful, and proud to be able to be their momma!

Enjoy your boys Kim...they are precious!

Love you,