Thursday, December 11, 2008

Recommended Reading

If you have a quiet moment to read and reflect, then I recommend heading to these two blogs and reading these posts:

Holy Experience-
A Mother's Work: A Model for True Work

Ann's words are always edifying, encouraging, convicting and soothing ...

Because all work is sacred work, worthy of the diligence, the effort. I pick up lost legos, dry the pots, whish the toilets and this serves God. For if I can’t meet God in my work, where do I meet Him? If I don’t serve Him here, where do I serve Him? Are we not called to serve God in the work – not merely in some imagined, mirage place outside of work?"

Pyromaniacs - The Soporific Scourge of Nomicophobia

This blog should be part of your daily reading. Here is a snippet ...

"The pathological need to explain, or demand explanations of, God's right to issue commands (and expect believing, grace-enabled obedience to them), is not a sign of good spiritual health on any level."

Hannah's World - Twilight

Yes. That's my baby. She has some opinions (like her momma). She wrote more about some of the comments & e-mails that she received, in this post.


Now just in case you don't have a quiet moment then maybe a dose of
Benjamin Blue Eyes is just what you need ...

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gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I just commented on your daughter's blog- you are raising a discerning young woman!