Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Soccer and the one-up

Oh how I wish I had my camera at soccer practice on Monday night. Since I did not, I will try to recreate the events as they occurred...

Samuel is a good 20-30 yards away. He and another boy are passing the time while waiting their turn to do the next drill.

I can hear nothing so this entire story is based on actions alone and my feeble attempt at lip-reading.

The other boy has his back to me so I can't tell when he is talking but I can tell from Sam's response that he has said something.

Sam responds with a half-grin and I can read his lips:

"Well. I am five years old. Yeah. FIVE YEARS OLD"

The other boys shifts his posture and stands a little taller.

Then he hops on both feet.

Samuel scans the boy from head to toe and makes a visual assessment.

Then Samuel jumps with both feet.....just a little bit higher than the other boy.

The boy then does a move that includes a jump and a kick.

From the look on Samuel's face....he is impressed.

Samuel produces a jump/kick/spin move that is much superior to Hop Boy.

Other boy decides to pull out the big guns and attempts....The Cartwheel.

Samuel is not fazed. Other boy is going down. His face says it all.

Eyebrows raised (say what?)
Hands on hip (that all you got?)
Laughter (you got to be kiddin' me!)

And then. With reckless abandon. He throws down the gauntlet....


(and the crowd goes wild!)

Other boy slumps his shoulders and walks away. He understands that on this day at the soccer field, during the showdown of "One-ups", he is not the victor.

Bring it on.


Anonymous said...

Had Sam ever done one of those before? Or were you shocked? Either way, that's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

They'll learn not to mess with my Sam!
And tell Chris that Al was feeling his age when he and Ellen went to the Matthew West/Jeremy Camp/Toby Mac concert. I think the first two acts were great, but Toby sent him over the edge. Ellen loved it, but needless to say, not too much daddy-daughter bonding goes on when you can't hear each other yelling. Miss ya, L

kittyhox said...

You've got to love little boys. They are such a hoot.

Too bad they can't re-enact the whole scene so you can record it! Too funny...

Kim said...

Leslie- He has been perfecting the backwards roll on my bed for quite some time, but it was altogether a different thing to see it on the soccer field :)

Lea Ann - I think concerts really have gotten louder.

Kittyhox - I couldn't agree more ;)