Friday, September 26, 2008

Is this offensive?

Roe v. Wade?

What about Planned Parenthood?

Well. Do you know this about them?

"The organization's status as the country's leading provider of surgical abortions has put it in the forefront of national debate over the issue."

Or this?

"Planned Parenthood has been accused by pro-life organizations of agreeing not to report cases of statutory rape to the authorities; for example, a pro-life activist, posing as a 13-year-old impregnated by her 22-year-old boyfriend, called over 800 clinics requesting an abortion. According to the recorded audio and transcripts, over 90% of the clinics agreed to her request not to report the boyfriend to the police for statutory rape."

Just want to be clear.

What about this part?

"Planned Parenthood receives almost a third of its money in government grants and contracts ($336.7 million in FY 2007)."

That is tax dollars. Your money. My money.

Let's summarize:

We pay tax dollars to an organization that performs more abortions than anyone else. Oh, and they will perform an abortion on your 13-year old daughter and you might never find out.

God help us.

It is not news to me that Planned Parenthood is a pro-choice (pro-abortion) organization. My desire to be well-informed stems from my passion for the unborn baby and defending it's right to live. To live and not be killed.

I think there are still people in this country who believe that Planned Parenthood is the local free clinic for birth control and cond&ms. A crash course in s*x education, staffed by friendly and well-meaning folks who want to give options and *choices* (my favorite word) to young women in need.

But then again, our country is notoriously good at turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to dealing with the consequences of poor choices.

If the above did not elicit some level of uncomfortableness, I sincerely hope the following does.

Regardless of where you stand in the world of politics or religious beliefs, there should be a place where human beings instinctively care for a helpless newborn life.

For goodness sakes, there are phone numbers you can call and people will rush to your home in an effort to rescue and save the life of a helpless newborn baby bird.....or a helpless newborn baby squirrel.

What about a newborn human being?

Offended yet?

from Jill Stanek's blog:

  • Barack Obama opposed legislation as IL state senator to protect abortion survivors from being shelved to die:

    » Links to Obama's votes on IL’s Born Alive Infant Protection Act

    » Obama’s 10 reasons for supporting infanticide

    » Why Jesus would not vote for Obama

    » Audio of Obama arguing against giving medical care to abortion survivors

  • Barack Obama thinks partial birth abortion is a “legitimate medical procedure”:

    » Michelle Obama's partial birth abortion fundraising letter

  • Barack Obama opposes parental notification of minor girls before they abort:

    » Media Matters corroboration

  • Barack Obama has stated “the first thing I’d do as president“ would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which would overturn every local, state, and federal abortion law passed in the past 35 years:

    » Video of Obama promising FOCA to Planned Parenthood


    gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

    Hey! You're standing on MY soapbox:) Guess there's room for a few more mommies...come on over to my place, got a debate going on.

    Anonymous said...

    Great collection of info and links! Thank you for doing this, Kim. I know it took a lot of time.

    Anonymous said...

    "Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever." Thomas Jefferson, 1781

    Welcome said...

    Oh, so is it BYOS Bring Your Own Soapbox? Ok, well this is mine too! Ready to go to the clinic now? Let's pick a date!

    :) jamie

    Jill said...

    God help us if our country elects this man.