Monday, August 11, 2008

Is this only funny to me?

This baby is wearing a Thudguard, which was created for the toddler's safety when he is learning to walk. You can also read about it here, at Baby's 1st Head Gear. I have to say I prefer the second site name.

The first seems a tad violent. I am sorta hearing the *THUD* sound when I say it. The second, however, is just plain common sense.

Baby's 1st Head Gear.

Of course.

Would ya'll look at this poor little fella who is attempting the dangerous feat of WALKING?
This little guy is playing it safe.
Bring on the avalanche of falling boulders and goldfish crackers.
It's like a Gap ad.

Gone wrong.

Ya'll these are actual quotes from the website....


Ya sure? For goodness sakes, I think you threw good parenting out the window when you decided that your BABY NEEDED A HELMET WHEN HE IS LEARNING TO WALK!

How 'bout this one?


Umm. Pedal cyclists? I gotta see this. First, the baby needs a helmet because walking is dangerous. Now he is riding a two-wheeler and doing sweet jumps?

Maybe he needs a helmet after all.

Last quote. I promise...

"Protect your toddlers head and make the learning how to walk experience fun for the whole family."

Oh, it's fun alright. If we strap that bad boy on Benjamin's head our whole crew will have a mighty fine time at his expense ;)


Anonymous said...

I remember when my kid brother and I would fight over who got to sit on the hump between the front seats in my parents' old mustang. I swear, it's a wonder we're still alive, Kim.

On the other hand, I firmly believe some people need to be wearing helmets like the Thudguard, but they're not toddlers.

[Commentguard: This is loaded with sarcasm.]

Wendy said...

Oh my! I wonder how my kids survived walking.

Jill said...

My husband just saw this in a magaznie and about lost his lunch laughing so hard. What will they think of next; shine guards for crawling.
Wonder how my three have survived life thus far. I know I pray for God to send an hedge of protection around them; guess that must be working!!
Thanks for coming to see my new blog.

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

You have got me crackin' up! Where do you find this stuff?

Tracy said...


gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Wow! Another tent making family! Thanks for posting the link to your tent post on my blog. I laughed when I saw it because it looked like our living room on MANY days:)

Christy said...

I lurk at your blog often and I had to break out of lurking status because I saw this very same thing a few weeks ago and was ASTOUNDED.

This was hilarious!

Amanda said...

My husband was at Promise Keepers a few years back and there was a comedian who predicted this would happen. "You know how we can't believe when we were kids we never road in car seats? Remember how we would ride in the bed of a truck? Just think our kids will be shocked that we did not wear helmets when we were learning to walk!" And here it is!!