Thursday, June 05, 2008

Summer Vacation....the mini-series!

We decided against a full-fledged 7-10 day vacation away from home, like we usually take and instead have opted to take several short trips that are within driving distance.

Our first trip?

The Great Wolf Lodge

We stayed here last fall with Gigi, but the kids loved it so much we had to go back! Besides, I was pregnant last year and I couldn't ride some of the rides and display some of my skillz on the Flowrider.

By definition...
  • Flowrider - unique body boarding experience where you never have the same ride twice!
Oh yes. Experience it was.

Little notes to self are 35+ years old just gave birth 4 months ago have done little to no exercise in over one year are nursing a baby are chubby with a capital "f" "large-boned" (for the time being) are 35+ years old

Basically, if there is a challenge that involves youth and adrenaline, I have very hard time resisting that challenge.

Like the time the kids across the street were sledding on pieces of linoleum and "catching air" on a large ramp made of ice and snow and I decided it would be wise if I joined them.

Need I say it was not wise?

This didn't end as painfully as that, unless you count my pride. I thank HEAVENS unfortunately have no photos to share with you, other than these of this small boy mastering the art of the "flowrider".

I will tell you that I did manage the "belly-ride" but it was when I made the swift and near fatal attempt to pop to my knees that things went south.

I mean they went south like a rocket goes to mars.

The board shot out from underneath me, spared my two front teeth (sweet mercy), and I flew backwards with the current and landed in a heap at the top of the ride....with my swimsuit in questionable positions, if you catch my drift.

After I tucked all the necessary body parts back into their respective places, I coughed up several gallons of water, lifted my chin, and sauntered off.....with a bit of a limp.

I forgot to mention that the image of my boy with his fist clenched yellin', "YOU'RE DOIN' IT MOMMA, YOU ARE DOIN' IT!" made it all worthwhile.

Now some pictures of my sweet family during our very first trip as a six-pack!

Baby Boy did a lot of this....

This is Chris, the girls, and some poor fella whose family wouldn't join him on this ride. Bless his heart, my girls probably left him with his ears ringing like a telephone!

The burden & blessing of technology. In our case, I would say it is mostly a blessing. It has allowed so much freedom in Chris' work schedule and made these little getaways possible!
O.K. You have to know that Samuel would rather wax his own eyebrows than participate in this little tube-o-fun. Not his idea. At all. Can you tell that he is already making an exit and they just came out of the shoot?
Tell me you don't want to eat that baby with a spoon!!!

Hannah & Emma had so much fun and they are at an age where they can wait in line without an adult. This place is set up in a way so that I could see the entire park from my table....where I was forced to sit with my Iced White Mocha from Starbucks and read while the baby slept peacefully.

I managed.
I love how Samuel makes this lazy river look like he is riding the rough waters of the Colorado rapids.

I would be leaving out the best part if I didn't tell you that we had to force strongly encourage him to get on this tube in the first place.
Apparently if you add 84 degrees with 100% humidity along with some incredibly loud white noise, a 4-month old baby doesn't stand a chance staying awake.

After we left the Lodge, we headed to Daddy's favorite place...The Bass Pro Shops!!! We helped him burn up a gift card that he received after purchasing his boat. What fun! I think Dad thought we would be limited in our spending since it was...ya know....The Bass Pro Shops full of rods, reels, and the such, but he totally underestimated his girls. This store is great ya'll! High quality clothing! Flip-flops! Modest yet stylish tank-tops! More Flip-flops! Circus Peanuts! Cute bermuda shorts!

Daddy, you've been holding out on us!

Before we headed home, we stopped for dinner at Cold Stone Creamery because ice cream is milk and milk is protein and protein is good for you!

I even had strawberries in mine :)


Jenn said...

...protein AND fruit, well I AM impressed!!

Lottie said...

I love the "AAAAAhhhhh it's good to be me baby sleepin'" pose! My sweet Sofi girl slept like that & It's nice to see God is still giving those lessons before they arrive! Thanks for the giggle & grin! Love ya SOOO much & Miss you! Lottie

Jen said...

So much fun! You are one COOL mama, yes you are!!!!

We dream about going to GWL. Someday, if the budget ever eases up. And Benjamin is adorable and I LOVE the rock-n-roll shirt. Hope to meet him in person in a few weeks. And I agree that nursing babies is some of the sweetest time in the whole world. Doesn't get better than that! :-)

Christina said...

Your baby is absolutely adorable! And I think you are crazy to go on such a ride!!! But I hate water.

Yes, I love those times that I "have" to sit and relax to watch the baby.