Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wii had a wonderful day...

On top of being blessed beyond measure with good food & my precious family we enjoyed a full day-O-fun, courtesy of the Wii.


First, you must know that I would not consider our family the "gaming" type. We do have a game systems upstairs in our bedroom where Samuel will occasionally play a race car game or Spiderman. The girls could really care less. They each have hand-held games that they play in the car and their current favorite is called, "Cooking Mama" so I don't have to worry about violence that could be associated with that....unless they cut themselves in the cyber-world while racing to finish a recipe. Samuel also has a handheld game that he plays in the car and he certainly shows some serious potential to become a full-fledged addict, but we don't foster the love while we are home....just yet. I don't really have a problem with video games as long as I am the moderator of both time and content.

My interest in the Wii was peaked when I heard about other families who seemed like-minded in this area who really loved it and spoke highly about how much action was packed into playing the game. I guess anytime you hear about someones grandma playing a video game, it kind of peaks your curiosity.

To quote the company direct,

"Wii sounds like 'we', which emphasizes that the console is for everyone."

After a quick trip (hours waiting in the rain with other crazies) to Target, our very own superhero Daddy came home with one in hand a few weeks ago. He has been obsessed so excited to monopolize and dominate share it with our children ever since.

Here is a glimpse of how "Wii" spent our Christmas Day.


I love how Samuel uses the entire living room to bowl. I don't love that his skill level is already leaps and bounds beyond mine.

The girls love bowling and tennis so far...

Look. It's Dad again....except he's changed his shirt.....cause he broke out in a full sweat.

What a fun day! We stayed home the entire day and still managed to get in several rounds of bowling, golf, & tennis....and one round of boxing, but Emma knocked her Dad out cold and Chris ended up feeling like he might have actually pulled something out of whack. (ego maybe?)

So we wrapped things up and everyone settled down for bed in a happy state of exhaustion. I had looked forward to the evening for the entire day. Time for Chris and I to be together reflecting on the joy of Christmas and how blessed we had been.



Member me?

I guess I've gotta get better at tennis :)

A funny report from this morning:

Emma and Hannah came downstairs both moaning and groaning about their backs and arms aching and asking for Advil. I guess the whole claim that the game is "aerobic" is actually true!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to get a wii, but my honey says, "not now."

Wendy said...

Looks like fun! My kids have played w/one and they complained about their arm too. Glad you had such a good time together. I'm sure that will be something they always remember.

Hope you are sleeping good these days. I know the end can be hard.

Jenn said...

Looks like fun! Glad you guys had a great time.

Anonymous said...

My boys boxed a little too vigorously yesterday as well, sore arms for all. In fact, as I type this, Ethan is shaking the floor as he bowls. He does a kind of full body thing. We miss you, La La

Tracy said...

Both of my sisters got their husbands...I mean, kiddos one. I had to start our gift opening with, "I just want to let you know now that you DIDN'T get a Wii" I didn't want them sitting there the entire time thinking they were getting one. It was a HUGE thing for me to let them get the X-Box several years back and someday, when it breaks, MAYBE I'll think about getting the Wii...for now, the boys (all four of them) are into playing hockey and my livingroom is safe because they just lie on the floor and move their fingers.

Tiffany said...

How fun! I want one! We have been jammin' over here in the Jolly household on our bass and electric guitars, and LOVIN' on our American Girl Doll, Nicki. We had so much fun playing the game that santa brings every year...this year is was Blockus. Great game of strategy.

Hope you can count this as exercise since it seems to be such a work out. This will be nice for rainy days when they are needing to let off some steam!

Merry Christmas from Texas!

Kelly said...

We, too, got a Wii this Christmas-so fun! My husband and I love playing after the kids are in bed, as well.

Anonymous said...

This is just like us! I wish I had a picture of my aunt bowling. One of my daughters got up in the middle of the night and practiced baseball so she could hit the ball!