Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Samuel says...

Being home with sisters all day long has been a complete joy for Samuel. Each day, he looks forward to their break time and shouts enthusiastically for the world to hear.....


Break time has been a beautifully quiet period in the morning where all the kids are outside loving life and loving each other, until......

Break time is over. Then the wailing and hollerin' and protesting begins. He beats on their bedroom doors begging for MORE BREAK-TIME.

It is a sad affair.

A couple of days ago, as he lay in a crumpled heap on my lap, these were the words he slobbered through his tears.

"Hmmfff, sniff, snort....da girls won't play with me....sob, slurp, heave....dey are doing der work and I, I, I, I want to PLAY with dem!"

He said this about 323 times and when I got a word in edgewise, I asked him,

"Sam, what can we do to make it better?"

His reply?

"I need to do my school....sniff, hmmmff, snort.....I need......I need......I need....

lower case......f."

If only every crisis could be solved this easy.


Anonymous said...


I need lowercase f. That's going to become a classic family phrase.

Tiffany said...

And sometime I find that I really just need my uppercase letter F!!!! I can totally relate with you sweet Samuel!

Some kids don't know the meaning of break time! They are doing research on frogs and's 3:30 and I'm ready to quit doing school...we've been going since 10:00 with a small lunch break. They can be slave drivers! Is it bad that they LOVE to learn so much some days? I think not...homeschooling has been just the best thing!!!

Love y'all!

Christina said...

Too funny! Emily says, "Stop reading that book!"