Thursday, October 04, 2007

Please Him

From Hannah's Pathway Reader

When you think, when you speak, when you read, when you write,
When you sing, when you walk, when you seek for delight-
to be kept from all evil at home and abroad,
Live always as under the "eye of the Lord."
Whatever you think, both in joy and in woe,
Think nothing you would not like Jesus to know.

Whatever you say in a whisper or clear,
Say nothing you would not like Jesus to hear.
Whatever you read, though the page may allure,
Read nothing of which you are perfectly sure
Consternation at once would be seen in your look
If God should say solemnly, "Show me that book!"

Whatever you write, in haste or with heed,
Write nothing you would not like Jesus to read.
Whatever you sing, in the midst of your glees,
Sing nothing that God's listening ear could displease.
Wherever you go, never go where you fear
God's question being asked you, "What doest thou here?"

Whatever the pastime in which you engage,
For the cheering of youth or the solace of age,
Turn away from each pleasure you'd shrink from pursuing,
Were God to look down and say, "What are you doing?"


5honeybunns said...

I love this. If you have this in a word document, would you email it to me. I was not able to cut and paste in from your blog. I think that poem is worthy to be displayed as a daily reminder.
They forgot to write, whatever you watch on TV---I think there might be a few movies and shows that are out the window.

Tiffany said...

This is so good. Which pathway readers do you recommend, and which one did this come out of?

I so struggle with speaking, breathing, living to make sure EVERYTHING that comes out of my mouth, my thoughts, my attitude, etc. pleases God. It has been so good for our family to be together so much and be able to hold each other accountable.

We've gotta get the pathway readers to start on next semester!