Friday, October 12, 2007

More Disney...can you take it?

I realize the leaves are turning and I have fully embraced this glorious season change, but I'm afraid I may be posting our summer vacation pictures way into the Christmas season.

We have been to Disney once before in 05' and had such a good time, we decided to fit one more trip in before our family expands by one! Our first trip we stayed on site and our resort was nice but not close to any of the big parks. The room was teensy tiny and we managed to cram 6 people in there (with Gigi) because Samuel didn't count yet.

That trip was also in the summer so that we could go during the *Free Dining* period cause we are all about some free dining. We chose that option again this year and I'll tell you....we are done with Orlando in the summer....forever. It is just too stinkin' hot, even with free food!

We were able to upgrade resorts this time and stay at the Oh-So-Fabulous Contemporary Resort. Through the accumulation of Disney Dollars through our Disney Visa we were able to save nearly 1/4 of the cost. You can earn up to $750 per calendar year so it doesn't take long to save up credits. Certainly there are other credit cards that offer incentives but we knew this plan would work best for our vacation. The key ingredient in making a plan like this lucrative is to never EVER carry a balance. It was difficult, especially after Christmas but discipline prevailed and the money earned did not cost us a penny!

The Contemporary sits on the lake just outside The Magic Kingdom and has the monorail running straight through the interior of the hotel. Pretty snazzy. Being so close to the park makes it soooo convenient for trips back to resort for naps and swims.

Our room was much bigger than last time and the resort has updated all the rooms and is in the process of renovating the entire hotel. The best part was that we could sit on our balcony each night and watch the fireworks from our room....IN OUR PAJAMAS!

The kids loved the way housekeeping arranged their beloved stuff animals everyday. I have been doing that their entire life and never earned that kind of appreciation.

We have taken vacations that involved baggies of fruit and pre-made sandwiches with our children asleep in the backseat while we drove through the night trying to make our way to Texas. We have brushed our teeth at the rest stop when the sun was rising and bathed our children with wet wipes. We have relied on the generosity of family and friends to supply beds and breakfast for our traveling needs when our budget did not allow for more. Those were special trips and we made great memories as a family.


I am grateful beyond words to be blessed in a way that affords a vacation that did not require a 62 pound backpack filled to the brim with juice boxes and snack crackers in order to stay within budget.

It was nice :) And that whole thing about having a room with a view? Worth every penny!

Here are more pics of our resort.

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Christina said...

great pictures! I still have some summer camping pictures to post as well, so you're in good company!