Saturday, October 13, 2007

A glimpse of our week(s)

I didn't do a very good job getting a post in last week, so this one will have to cover a multitude of happenings.

This is the box that Daddy's new *Man Chair* came in. It provided joy and entertainment for nearly 10 whole days.

And since we have mentioned the *Man-Chair* he is:

This one is a bit different but very close. Ours does not swivel as that would pose far too great of a temptation for Samuel. We have already had countless shouting matches civil conversations about the proper way to sit (not stand) or rock (not catapult) yourself in the said man-chair.

And to make things clear to all my lady-decorator friends....I held out for a long, long time before conceding to this chair. And what do I think about it now?

Well, I have managed to look past its poor lines and manly leather covering and see deep into the benefits of how it feels on my pregnant back.

It feels good.....very, very good.

On to more updates!

Last weekend my sweet friend "L"...."Lurker".....or Lea Ann as her mom likes to call her, came down for a quick visit. We made the most of her 24 hour stay and had the girlfriends over for food and fellowship. Unfortunately I have no photos to speak of because we were too busy stuffin' our face! I do have a couple of pics from Sonic the next day...

She bought me this iron basket thingy for my homeschool room. I love it! We will use it for school in some form or fashion.

Hannah had a big XC meet this past Wednesday against the big area rival and our girls' team won! Hannah shaved a couple of minutes off of her previous time in spite of the fact that it was still over 90 degrees here! Thankfully, the temps dropped the next day and they should stay more seasonal from now one.

Emma rolled her ankle last night at the gym and is sitting with a bag of mixed veggies on her foot right now. She has her first meet next Saturday, so time will tell if she will be up for that by then.

Last weekend, she went with the Girl Scout troop to the Goodwill for a tour of the facility. They learned about how Goodwill serves the community and loved dressing up in the wide assortment of the Goodwill bounty.

Next month, the troop will volunteer for the day at a local Goodwill by helping the volunteers and even unloading the trucks! Both she and Hannah participate in Girl Scouts through our co-op on Wednesdays and have really enjoyed it. The poster below is what the girls made as tribute to their community.

Samuel is finishing up soccer this upcoming week.

And he has completely mastered "lowercase f". Seriously, we don't have a lot of structured school time with him just yet, so secret quizzes about the alphabet or such nonsense. He is far too busy saving our backyard from evil.

4-years old = the age when a saggy outline of your underwear is entirely okay.

We were finally able to find a family who could use our old upright piano, which meant we could finally order this....

The digital piano has been a dream for quite some time, especially since Hannah has really grown to love it so much. During their music lesson this week, I was upstairs with Samuel and Hannah while Emma was downstairs playing guitar when I felt the floor vibrating beneath my feet. It was Emma's turn for lessons and she was playing guitar, so obviously our music teacher was having a mighty fine time appreciating the multifaceted features of the piano. It sounded like a five-man band around here! The best part is quiet practice because of the headphone option. It makes Samuel's impromptu jam sessions so much more bearable.

I was able to finally publish this post because Chris took Samuel with him to Hannah's field hockey game this morning and I stayed here with Em. And wouldn't you know that it would be the day for Hannah's first ever goal(s)!!!! Not one but TWO goals!!! Yea Hannah!

School is still going really well and the flexibility is so awesome. Our goal this week is to spend more time in prayer and devotions as we start our day. It actually feels like Fall outside today, so I think I will pull out the rest of my decorations and make this place look ready for the harvest!


Jenn said...

More decorating? Your front porch already looks great! And I love the poster and that Target made it on there! They're after my own heart! I think Target was Emmie's first word.

Tracy said...

LOVE the "man chair" AND the super hero boy! HA! SO cute.

Tiffany said...

I just love my....I mean Marv's big, cushy, leather chair!!! It's my favorite spot, and I try to share as often as I can! It looks alot like that one! Our taste is so good!!!

Yeah Hannah on your goals! Sorry about your ankle Emma! I love the big boy saving the back yard! Very important stuff!

Love y'all...glad things are going well for you!

Hi Lurker girl! Hope things are going well for y'all too!

Christina said...

Samuel is too cute! I love your iron basket. I saw ones like it at Costco last week and racked my brain trying to think where I could put it! It looks great in your school room.

Jill said...

Holy Cow! You have been busy!