Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Glimpse of our Week....

So my weekly updates are always about a week behind. That's the deal. So this update would cover what we did last week.

Emma's ankle is on the mend and Hannah's XC and field hockey games will be wrapping up in the coming weeks. Being Samuel's soccer coach has plucked my nerves been a pleasure and I will be squealing with glee so sad when it's over this Thursday.

Have you ever said, "Hey everybody, let's kick the ball!" and had "everybody" eat grass instead?

Have you ever said, "Hey guys, don't push!" and then had "everybody" shove one another with reckless abandon?

Have you ever stood in the flaming hot sun in the middle of October when it should be 20 degrees cooler and had strange children headbutt you in the pregnant stomach?

Let me introduce you to concept of preschool soccer, AKA....."Chaos with shin guards".

School is going well. I like all the curriculum that we've chosen and I've even warmed up to Shurley and her militant ways. Science and History seldom occupy the same day but I am figuring out that is what works best for us right now. Veritas History is an incredible blend of biblical & world history and we are just about to study the Unification of Upper & Lower Egypt.

I like saying that.

I am teaching (ahem)... The Unification of Upper & Lower Egypt by Pharaoh Menes.

Makes me feel like a big shot. Never mind that I misspell *Pharaoh* each and every cotton-pickin' minute I get a chance.

Anyhow, our co-op voted on what classes to offer the next six weeks and decided to do Ancient Egypt!!!! Talk about good timing :) I am not the best at "bringing history to life" so when the opportunity arises for someone else to do so, I am all but beating down their door.

With that in mind, we visited a local theater production about Jamestown, this past Friday morning. We live within driving distance of almost every big-deal historical event that took place in this country, so it isn't hard to find something of significance by way of a reenactment.

Just a few short miles from my house is the Swift Creek Mill Theater. Being over 300 years old, the theater itself holds great historical value, but they do offer wonderful children's productions as well.

We chose to see Jamestown 2007; The John Smith Water Trail...

"Thirteen years before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, the Jamestown colony was established in Virginia. And Captain John Smith’s 2 ½ years in Virginia were not all spent contending with Pocahontas and Powhatan. He relentlessly explored the “faire bay” – the vast Chesapeake – creating uncannily accurate maps to guide future colonization. Follow him on his famed water trail in story and song."

It was fun, informative, and left a lasting impression on my subconscious... because I have woken up several nights this week singing about how everybody fought the Masawomaks.

With hand gestures.

These pictures were taken outside the theater with our sweet friends who we spent the day with.

I mean we spent the WHOLE day with. We had an entire vacation all wadded up into one 12-hour day and it was such crazy fun! I have been in desperate need of some spontaneity and it was carved up and hand-delivered last Friday :)

As we left the theater, I assumed we would make the next logical "mom-choice" for lunch. You know like....on the way home & cheap.

My sweet friend had other ideas. She and her family actually go and eat what they are hankerin' for....which spoke volumes of love to this pregnant momma.

Here I will interject a quick little diddy about the woes of pregnancy. I am trying very hard to not complain about what I consider the greatest blessing this side of heaven. I never want to get bogged down with a negative attitude about the small physical sacrifice of pregnancy compared to the greatness of this little miracle growing inside of me.

With that said....if heartburn were a person I would back over him with my truck several hundred times and then gouge out his eyes.


All done.

Food is not my friend these days and there is very little that appeals to me that can be found within my refridgerator. The aversion list is long and the list of "sounds good" reads something like this...

Cream of Wheat
Cream of Wheat
A glass of 2% milk and then some....
Cream of Wheat

Eating out? Without a doubt, a turkey muffaletta from Jason's Deli with some sweet tea or some waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A and some more sweet tea.

Sweet friend drove me to Jason's Deli and I ate food that made me happy. Really the day could have ended like a fairy tale right about here.

But it didn't.

We left for some fun at the bowling alley at a much nicer establishment than our last outing. We did request that we be moved away from a group of adults who were partaking in adult activities. This did not sit well with the young lady at the counter and she proceeded to tell us that we "were not supposed to care about what other people where doing around us".

We told her we are notorious for doing what we are NOT supposed to do, so could she please oblige and she did.

This is a display of love between a couple of five-year old boys (in case you were concerned)

You might think here's a good place to head home.

Well, you are wrong. We were on a roll of a full-fledged-fun-fest and it wasn't about to stop.

We managed to squeeze in some go-kart rides, a game of miniature golf, a trip to Sonic and a late night discussion on Ecclesiology & The Office.

My sweet friend is my pastor's wife and a veteran homeschooler who has answered countless questions about homeschooling and radical parenting that lines up with God's Word. She won't likely read this blog because computers make her itch. But just in case, here's my shout out to Sherry.....

Thanks for our DAY O' FUN!!! It was such a sweet blessing for me and my family. We love you guys ;)


Tracy said...

Oh Kim, you make me laugh! The soccer...the heartburn...HA! At least they both WILL end! :) Isn't it GREAT to have friends who's brains we can pick??? I couldn't do this without 'em! Your girls are so beautiful. It makes my heart happy to know they have a mommy who is raising them to be godly women!

p.s. I am finally liking Shurley too. It is very strong in writing. My hubby teaches Jr. High English and he is the one who helped me pick this. (Even though some of the lessons are A MILLION years long)

Wendy said...

Fun! My kids love bowling!

Glad to hear school is going well.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! I hear music here!!

It looks like you had a fantastic day!!!! I love homeschooling because of great days like that one!

We're starting our second year of Shurley and we are really liking it. But my kids are weird: they like to memorize chants and stuff like that. Labeling sentences = FUN! I don't know what level you are using, but that's what it's like for us...right now. I was told by a "real" teacher that it is one of the best out there for grammar instruction. Hannah didn't enjoy the 2-point paragraphs for a while, but in the last couple of weeks she's come around. If the topic interests her, she doesn't whine as much :)

Cream of Wheat?

Kim said...

What a fun day!!!

I loved your comments about preschool soccer! That was so hilarious! I very rarely laugh out loud when reading blogs, but I seem to often when I am visiting you. Thanks for that!

Kelly said...

Love the pregnancy non-cravings!!
That is just funny!
What a blessing to be so close to all that history! The most history we have is The Country Music Hall of Fame!

Kelly said...

Oh it sounds like such a fun day- what a great friend:-)

I'm definitely going to have to check out that theater- llooks beautiful!

Sherry Day said...

Uh -- I don't know what ecclesiology is - I thought we were talking about the church . . .

Sherry Day

5honeybunns said...

You are too funny girl. I count it a pure blessing to call you friend.
Sherry is hilarious, too!

Christina said...

Sorry to hear that you are having pregnancy heartburn. I will pray for you. I know from experience that pregnancy can be trying even though it is wonderful.

Thanks for sharing your week. It's always fun to read. I'm glad that you had a "fun" day at the end.