Friday, September 21, 2007

A view from our backyard...

I have about 42 things to post about and since I have serious trouble organizing 42 of anything I think I will start with a random post about what took place in our neighborhood today. This is about 50 yards from our back fence!

Actually I'll just let the pictures tell the story on this one!

The horses were prancing and kickin' like crazy!


Leslie said...

Wooo, that looks terribly exciting. I don't even want to think about what my kids would have you remember when the neighbors had some trees cut down in their front yard?

What was going on? Was that a drill of some kind? Man hunt?

Kim said...


Unfortunately, it was because of an accident that took place on a cross-street. We never saw the accident itself, but it appeared that the victim was in somewhat stable condition..thank goodness ;)

Man hunt was my first guess when I saw what was going on. Too much crime/drama tv, huh?

Tiffany said...

Okay I log on to read your blog and all it says is I'll let the pictures speak....and no pictures! Actually I take that back there was half of the first picture and it looked like a helicopter...

What suspense I've been in ALL DAY LONG! I just remembered that I never came back to see, so here I am at 2:23 in the am coming to see if the pics ever came up!

TOo funny I guess! Hope the person is okay...I'm saying a little prayer!

I always think 9/11 type thoughts when I hear a plane buzzin' too close to my house!