Sunday, July 22, 2007

Birthday Redemption

Well, my birthday has come full circle. Besides the sweet wishes that I received here on my blog (thank you sweet friends!), I also received an abundance of great things which I thought I should share, since this blog is about the good, the bad, and the ugly.....and I already covered the ugly.

I had one need and one wish for my birthday.

The need? A trip to the maternity store so I could clothe my body. A solo trip with some cold hard cash. Thanks Gigi & Daddy :) It's always fun to try on clothes that are too big for a change!

Can I just make one plea with the maternity clothes designers? I don't desire to expose my belly when it is in it's non-pregnancy form.... I DON'T WANT IT EXPOSED WHEN MY BELLY BUTTON FLIPS INSIDE OUT EITHER!!! Or my bosoms either for that matter.

Thank you and good day.

The want? Well, it could easily fit into the category of *the dream*. But don't you know that your 35th birthday is the stuff dreams are made of ??? Feast your eyes on my most favorite tangible item, right after my bible & my wedding ring.....Chris still holds the record for buying me the best gifts ever!

I am highly unqualified to use such a fine piece of camera but I don't care. I am teaching myself and loving it! Here are a couple, I mean a few, O.K. a plethora of photos taken with my beautiful camera.

Uncle Scott & Robin came down for a visit and Samuel claimed Scott as his personal pitching machine for as many hours as we had daylight. Thanks for indulging a 4-year old's wants and needs and for holding my boy's attention span for longer than 42 seconds. I believe you may have set a record.

On Friday night I went to my friend Karen's house to fellowship with ladies from church. We called this gathering, "Ladies of Grace".Doesn't that sound elegant? Regal? Classy?
Truth be told, when I first read that phrase, at my newly christened *advanced* age, I was pretty sure it sounded like the blue-haired ladies who meet at the church on Wednesday morning and travel by van to the botanical gardens....or the craft show...or the bingo hall. Maybe I was feeling a little over-sensitive?

Anyhoo, even though this was my actual birthday (Friday) we had already decided to go out for our birthday dinner next week, when my friend Dusty returns from her year-long 3-week long trip to Texas. Since she shares a July birthday, we will hit the town next week for some "graceful" lady dining. No bingo or botanical gardens on the agenda.

My gift booty included:

From Jenn- showing me the true love with a tub of butter cream icing.....and she didn't even take one lick. I'm proud Jenn. I'm real proud.

To those of you who do *not* suffer from the icing/addiction/affliction then this gift will mean nothing to you. Go eat a carrot.

But for those of you who could easily eat themselves into a sugar-induced coma when faced with a tub of goodness like this.....look away....look away quickly.

From Kelly- loving me with my love of fresh flowers! Beautiful :

I also got a wonderful Vera Bradley umbrella in my most favorite pattern (my pattern won't show's Botanica) from Lea Ann. She gave it to me like 8 months ago. She's one of those "can't wait" kind of people. I love it, cause by the time my birthday rolls around, she ends up giving me ANOTHER gift. Here's a hip-hip-hooray for impatience!

I plan on spending my day washing hoards of laundry because during my birthday hiatus I allowed about 65 loads to pile up. Couple that with a dirty house and a jillion phone calls and you can definitely tell it's Monday and I have a birthday hangover.

I think this calls for at least 2-4 tablespoons of icing.....



Tracy said...

I am jealous. I want that icing, uh, I mean camera!

Jenn said...

Lest you think I only spent 2.99 on you, I do have another gift coming... (although that is a priceless 2.99). I love the pic with Hannah's blue eyes and blue shirt... and I see that Samuel and Coleman have the same underwear ... and Brian said to take some pics for the church website with that new camera!

Jenn said...

Oh yeah - I didn't take a lick because I bought my own tub!

amy said...

I am new to your blog and I love itQ! What great pics! I noticed a sticker from Ukrops! What memories..We shopped their when we lived in Va!

Anonymous said...

Questions for the birthday blogger:1) When did you get that red floral quilt? Why? You wanted to be just like me, didn't you? Well, I've moved on from red.
2) Does the commandment concerning coveting apply to cameras? I'm thinking "no" as they had not been invented in the days of Moses.
3) Is that the Sarge peeking out from Samuels shorts? Oh, the shirtless summer freedom of boys!
4) Just because I am as wide as I am tall when 9 months pregnant, doesn't mean you have to exaggerate it into 13 months! Just wait, Momma, as you said, "4th babies ain't shy!"
Love ya, friend, L

Anonymous said...

C'mon now. You have to take pictures of your belly every month and post them just like all the first-timers do! New camera + new clothes = a belly pic. Just kidding!

Great pictures with your new camera!

Kim said...

It sounds like a fun time with your friends!

I loved shopping for maternity clothes. Motherhood being one of my favorites! I have some clothes from my recent pegnancies that you can have if interested! Just let me know! I just recently packed them up...but most of them are in really good condition...they are fall and winter stuff.

I love the camera...what a sweetie!

Enjoy your goodies!


Kelly said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!
One of my most favorite foods in the world is birthday cake, mostly due to the icing!
Oh the joy of expandable waistline clothing!
Glad you had a great day!

Kim said...

Jenn - NO gift can match the love of icing. Come on now, be for rill.

L - Don't you know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

Leslie - I'll post pic's of my belly if you post pic's of yours :)

Kim - You are too sweet! I would love to chat about those fall & winter clothes. I gave every stitch of maternity wear away after Samuel.

Kelly - It is nice to finish a good meal and just let the elastic do it's magic :)

Tiffany said...

Great job on the gift daddy Voiles! Can't wait to see awesome pics of this fourth you have anybody lined up to take those photos of the fourth? No well count me in!!!

So glad y'all had a super day for your birthday. I just love the clarity of these photos...ya know my birthday IS coming up!!!

Spongebob on wet, shirtless, mischevious (sp?) is just so Samuel!!! Love the pic of Hannah...need a copy please!

I'm gittin' yur loot in the mail soon ya hear?!

Love you and happy happy birthday Kim....XXXOOO wish I could be there dadgumit : ( pouty face

Christina said...

Your pictures are wonderful! I'm glad you had some good birthday surprises too.

kittyhox said...

Congratulations on your new camera. We got a similiar camera (quality-wise) and it has made a world of difference. Once my son started becoming more active all my old camera seemed to capture were blurry action shots or photos with his eyes half closed. Now my photos actually reflect what he actually looked like at that moment in time. It is one of the very best things we have ever spent money on!

My favorite photo is the black and white. So sweet!

And giving a pregnant woman with a love of icing a tub of it? I don't know if that is the kindest or cruelest birthday gesture imaginable. Either way, it's brilliant!

Wendy said...

Wow, GREAT pictures! Sounds like a great birthday!

BTW, you have been such an encouragement to me. Thanks for all your sweet comments!