Monday, June 25, 2007

Wonderful Deals....

Leslie wrote about these great deals at the Westminster Bookstore a couple of weeks ago and I took full advantage! I had been eyeballin' the Jesus Storybook Bible for a bit and after the endorsement from Girl Talk, I decided to add it to my order.

My favorite find and one that I have been looking all over creation for is this Children's ESV Bible. Can I tell you that trying to find a complete bible for children that includes illustrations is just about impossible? We have scores of children's bibles that touch on all the favorite lessons, but we wanted to find one that left not one scripture out. Meeting that criteria and it being ESV made me plum giddy.

Our church is using the Generations of Grace curriculum from John MacArthur and the lessons are unified throughout the Sunday School age-groups so that even though the lessons are age appropriate, every group eventually studies the same thing. That means when Hannah & Emma (age 10 & 12) are studying "The Sin of Achan" so is Samuel (age 4)...and it's hard to find Achan in the Toddler Bible, ya know?

I also ordered this Children's Story Bible from Catherine Vos because I was on a roll and I am officially addicted to bibles. No seriously, I loved this bible and I have considered ordering it for a while. I believe I had this bible at some point in my childhood or someone else had it and I coveted it. Either way....I needed it in my library of *Too Many Story Bibles" and it was nearly 1/2 off. That my friend, is called a "No-Brainer".

On Sunday nights our church meets at our pastor's home for a sweet time of Catechism & Family Worship. I cannot tell you with words what a blessing it is to be in communion with my church family in such an intimate setting. With only the guitar and our voices, we are unified in praise through worshipful songs that are sung with the sole purpose of pleasing the Lord. Our worship leader and elder Brian (that's Jenn's husband) spends time teaching the importance of the hymns and songs that we sing. Who wrote them? Why? What in the world does "dross" mean?

Our pastor then leads us through the study of God's Word. Right now, we are in Genesis and the emphasis of creation that began the miraculous wonders of God's sovereign plan....from before the beginning. Then we break up in to elder-lead groups and review our Catechism memorization. We are using the Baptist Catechism adapted from John Piper.

I do very well with my memorization.... as long as the room is deathly silent and not-so-much as a cricket makes a sound...cause if that happens then I lose all train of thought and all those years of AWANAs start to take over. Before you know it, I am singing something about being a "Spark for Jesus".

is not my middle name.

So far the family-friendly competitive spirit that runs rampant in our home has not taken over.....yet. I find it completely wrong that the same children who robbed my brain cells to begin with are able to memorize the Apostle's Creed faster than I can get through the 3rd Commandment. It's wrong. So what if I chant the theme song to "Happy Days" in their ear while they are trying to recite their verses. So what? Someone has to level the playing field.

I am also ordering these three books. Most of my blog girlies already have these books and because I was totally clueless when the girls were younger, I am revamping my children's library. You should head over to the Westminster Bookstore because the sale ends tomorrow! Thanks Leslie :)

And this my friends, concludes my post with the most links ever.

Your welcome.


Leslie said...

I ordered the Storybook Bible, too, and got it in the mail Saturday. It is wonderful!!! At several points, as I was reading through it, I started crying. It's so beautifully worded. You'll love it!! Thanks for the links. Are you signed on with wts to get points for linking or are you just linking for the heck of it? Cuz if you're gettin' points, I'll click for ya even though I don't need to buy anything today!

Kim said...

I have not signed on with WTS. Thanks for asking!

I was just trying to give everybody references to what I was blabbing about :)