Saturday, June 30, 2007

Do Hard Things

Alex & Brett Harris at the Rebelution are holding a conference called The Rebelution Tour. If you are not familiar with these boys, you should be. Their family legacy is one that speaks volumes about the blessings of radical obedience that comes with surrendering to the Word of God. They are twins in a family of 7 children, home schooled, brilliant, articulate, and completely sold-out to Jesus Christ. You can read their bio's on their blog, The Rebelution, which is a..."teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture." Both their brother (Josh Harris) & their father (Gregg Harris) have authored numerous books and spoke before thousands but these brothers are embarking on their own crusade....and it has the glory of God all over it.

That makes me want to squeeze their necks really hard (in a good way) and shout a very loud amen. Do you understand what kind of minority these boys represent?

The four cities listed on the blog are pretty well spread out but it would still require some effort to make the travel accommodations. I believe it to be so entirely worth it.

My oldest is only 12, so we will hold off another year but I am following this conference and praying that God use these young men to speak truth and conviction over the lives of so many young girls and boys.

The lies that our children have come to believe about what their teen years are all about are an abomination. The lazy apathy of parents has been the most powerful influence on their sons & daughters. The idea that *real* responsibility & expectations should be lowered because well.... because they are "just" teenagers. That is the sad reality that is resulting in a culture of self-centered, confused, and biblically ignorant young people.

There are words spoken in elementary school that are permitted and 20 years ago they where not permitted. Why are they permitted now? Lowered expectations.

There are clothes worn to church that are not allowed to be worn in school, like tight-fitting cami tops and strapless halters. They are blatantly inappropriate and obvious stumbling blocks for all ages of men. Why is that permitted in church? Lowered expectations.

Parents are driving their 10-year olds to dances and dates and they allow their 14 & 15 year olds to show affection to their boyfriends & girlfriends in front of them. Do you remember when you would never think of kissing your boyfriend in front of your dad? Why is this now okay? Lowered expectations.

Chores, manners, family responsibility, accountability, respect.....These expectations are so low they hardly exist in many families. The truth is that without the Word as the complete beginning and end of your parenting charge we will always fall short in the area of expectations. Remembering that the standard is Christ and we should never expect less than what gives honor and glory to Him. It truly is that simple. (more simply said than done)

It is the total and complete responsibility for moms & dads to rise to the occasion of real biblical parenting. Not school....Not church. NOT church. What a misconception it is to drop your children with their youth group and assume that the ministry will parent to the standard that God has called *only* the parents to. Your youth minister will not be held accountable for the influence in your child's life. He cannot be the primary influence in the teaching & application of God's word. Parents should not assume that a mediocre influence with a mediocre amount of time to result in anything less than mediocre standards. To ensure the best case scenario for the end result that He desires, should we (parents) not be in more control of the environment in which those results are born and bred? Again....easier said than done.

But as the boys at the Rebelution say, we should Do Hard Things. It is so much easier to compromise in the areas that require so much of us physically....emotionally.... and spiritually.

Every decision in regard to my children should result in serious deliberation. I can honestly say that there are situations that have been placed before me and I failed miserably in seeking the wisdom of the Lord and trusted traditions, culture, or my gut. I have been wrong on every occasion when I used those standards rather than His.

I am prayerful and oh-so-grateful that God has revealed His purpose to me as a parent. Although I am fallen and sinful and at times completely spent over the dilemma of "doing it right", I have such a blessed hope in His word. That never-ending grace sustains me and will continue to do so as we continue forward on this amazing journey as their mother & father.

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity." 1 Timothy 4:12


Leslie said...

Thanks so much for mentioning this conference; I had not heard about it. I guess that means I should subscribe to their blog or something...

Excellent thoughts here, Kim. I appreciate your heart and enthusiasm for raising your children to love Jesus.

Tracy said...

Wow, this is great! Thanks for posting the info. Our oldest will be 12 in 2 weeks and my husband and I will be starting a youth group in our church in August...this is something we will look into. I am going to post a link to your post on my site (hope that is okay) so more people will be informed. This is just what we are trying to teach our kids. My husband teaches Jr. High and it is amazing how in the 13 years he has been teaching, what is required of the kids by parents AND some teachers has gone way down! It is scary. Have you read Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp? You would probably enjoy it...I am in the process of reading it and so far it is great.

Jenn said...

...and I am sooo thankful for your example as a godly parent ... I am glad you are walking before me so I can learn from you.

Christina said...

We're looking at going to the Ca conference next year. Evan will be 11 1/2 but I think he would benefit from going. If you're going to travel, do you want to come to Ca?!

Kim said...

We would love to attend their conference some day! We love their blog and appreciate their stance on Biblical issues as well. I am praying this blog will become mainstream reading for youth all over the world! (but especially my daughter's future husbands).


kittyhox said...

What a great resource and movement! How exciting!

You've hit the nail on the head. Lowered expectation. They just keep getting lower and lower and lower, too.

Praise God that he has expectations for us as parents and for our children (no matter their age) that are soooo high! What a privilege!

I was blessed by this post and link!