Friday, June 15, 2007

Like a chicken....

....WITH MY HEAD CUT-OFF!!!! Seriously. It is that time of year. The end is near and I can taste it. I am tasting it and it taste really really good. I am ready for it to come to a screeching halt.


But, in the last few days I have woken up way to early with a primal need to bawl my head off because this week involves saying goodbye. Of course, the typical "goodbye" to teachers, but we do that every year. This year entails a bit more. Our elementary school experience has been an overall positive one and the memories are special and sweet. Oh, how difficult it has been for me to wrap my brain around....the "never again" in regard to my children spending their days there.

It is terribly hard for me to mark passages of time, especially ones that have made such an impact on my life.

It truly has nothing to do with going forward. This *isn't* about homeschooling. If I lived in a little cottage in the woods with no running water I would still be wistful and heavy-hearted when I left. If I had raised my babies there and shared my life with other cottage dwellers, then even the offer of living in the grandest castle on the highest hill would still leave an ache in my heart for what I was leaving behind. It's the way I am made. "Fearfully & wonderfully"....and insanely sentimental.

Finality has always hit me hard.

This morning marks the last day of school for Emma & Hannah. They are thrilled. I am too. What an adventure we are set to embark on! I cannot fathom what the Lord has in store for our family. Educating my children with material that is woven so beautifully with the Word of God fills my heart beyond measure. Impressing upon them the things that our culture has deemed worthless.....things like purity, selflessness, humility, and holiness. Do you know that have not one doubt about this decision? I am not burdened in the least bit. I am ready.

But the lump in my throat won't go away.

O.K. enough already. As I limp through the day, trying to keep my ugly cry at bay, please enjoy a photo montage as a means to deter you from the utter sadness. (is that enough drama for you?)

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. I have yet to post on our "We Are Moving!"...... "We Are Not Moving!" adventure and all the tidbits of life that sprinkled that decision.

In due time. I have to remove the lump first.

Without further delay, here's our family doing what they do "Mi Vida Loca"!

Samuel got his summer cut. Can you tell this is his absolute most favorite thing to do?

We swam with friends last week. Friends who are moving away. Our very best friends who are moving far away. Did anybody hear me mention my issues with goodbye, finality and change? This lump is starting to feel like a bowling ball....

Hannah's class visited Petersburg National Battlefield. We sort of beat'em to the punch on this one because we visited here at Spring Break. The trip with school was actually much better. The National Park Rangers did a stellar job of bringing the Civil War to life for the kids and really got them involved in the process.

This guy used a huge canvas that had the city of Petersburg with an emphasis on the rivers, railways, and boundary lines. Using wood pieces with gray or blue men glued on top, he created a visual re-enactment of the Battle at Petersburg and how supplies were cut off ensuring the victory for the Confederacy. It was incredibly interesting but crazy hot (high 90s) and so between catching sweat in my mouth and dreaming of an ice cold Dr. Pepper, I actually learned something :)

The following are videos that I took of the kids. They were each given cards that stated whether they were Union or Confederate soldiers, if they were injured or not, where their injuries where, and then if they were injured there was also a number on the card. The Ranger separated them (North and South) in a field and signaled when to "Charge!". At that command they were to run towards run one another in a mock attempt at battle. When she blew her whistle once, all the injured soldiers with the #1 on their card fell to the ground wounded. The others continued to charge forward until she blew her whistle twice. After all the wounded 6th graders fell to the ground then the able bodied "soldiers" were to haul the injured to the area set up for treatment.

4th grade celebrated with an end-of-the-year party...Fiesta Style! Can you find the child in the picture with the most ambitious mother? Note the homemade serape and handlebar moustache. This girl is festive. Emma begged for a sombrero but they are hard to come by in Virginia.

We settled for a purple t-shirt and some Nikes. Ole!

Sombrero Picture frames & Tissue Paper Flowers

Can I tell ya'll that tissue paper flowers are *not* easy to make? Do you remember going to Six Flags and buying the super-huge, momma-jomma, tissue-paper flowers on the dowel rods? They were big and beautiful and worth every bit of $15.00 (or not).

I think I took for granted the artist touch that it took to create such a masterpiece because my paper flower looked like a gift bag reject.

God's Eyes & Sand Art

The Limbo!

See where all that gymnastics money is going???

Samuel basically ruled the playground and avoided all the border festivities. I, on the other hand, stayed in the thick of it to ensure a large portion of nachos with chili-cheese on top. There are actual rewards for being the room mother and mine was being in total control of the crock pot.

Membership has it privileges, you know.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You're life is so full! It's so good to read about a mom who loves her life.

kittyhox said...

This post was beautifully written. I can relate. I'm pretty sentimental myself. We are contemplating a major move right now.

Even though my husband is unhappy in his job, I am unhappy in our community, there are a million places I'd rather live, and I hardly know a soul where we currently live... I still have a queasy feeling in the pit of my stomache whenever I think about leaving! I tend to get attached.

Hang in there! Once you get caught up in all the changes - once you've actually moved on, it will be easier. At least that's how it works for me!

Jill B said...

I too hate goodbyes. I always wish that my kids could stay on a certain team, with a certain group of kids, or with a specific teacher; but I'm learning that they are gaining so much more by moving on and leaving behind. Its character building for them and for me.
I'm anxious to hear how the homeschool transition goes for your kids. You are very brave.
Right now I'm thrilled with the schooling options my kids are in and have not felt called to leave the public school; but I applaud those who have.
have a great summer.
Jill from OMaha

Christina said...

I felt the same way about leaving our church, and I still feel funny when we drive past, for a moment.

It's good you have a clear idea about homeschooling and feel called, compelled and driven to do it. There will be days when you will wonder what you have signed up for! But knowing why you are doing what you are doing, and having a written record when you forget will be so helpful. At least it was for me, when my moments came! =)

BTW, a total random question, but do you have your feed turned off on purpose? I finally got sophisticated and check blogs through a reader, but yours doesn't pick up.

Kim said...

kittyhox- you are right :) It is the "before" that always works me over!

Jill - I don't know about brave. Thank you for the sweet words. I'll be writing my way through that adventure, so you'll have a front row seat :)

Christina- I've subscribed to my own blog and others through bloglines and it shows up there. I'm not sure what the deal is?

Christina said...

I tried Bloglines awhile ago and couldn't figure it out. Then someone showed me Google Reader and it was eaiser for me. Anyway, for some reason Googe Reader won't pick you up! Don't worry, I'll check your blog anyway!