Friday, May 25, 2007

The longest post ever.....

If reading the randomness of my life mixed with the absurdity of my life combined with the complete insanity of my life sounds like a mighty fine time....then pull up a chair and sit a spell.
If however, you find some degree of priority in accomplishing daily tasks and you do not aspire to waste time....then I suggest you find the exit right about now. I'm about to unleash the fury of Mi Vida Loca from last week. The following pictures took place over the course of 3 days. That's T.H.R.E.E. days people. Not three weeks.

Can you see Jesus proppin' up my backside? Well are not looking hard enough. On your mark......Get Set......GO!

We stayed at a beautiful hotel near the Coliseum where the gymnastics meet was held. It was not terribly family friendly, but this did not deter my young'uns from making themselves right at home.

The player piano was a big hit. It was all Samuel talked about. I personally think it gave him the creeps.

Why is it, that when my family stays at an upscale hotel, we always....ALWAYS, have some form of an ice chest with us? Are we the only ones??? Some say this would be considered "redneck". I prefer the word....."thrifty".

Emma woke up at 2:00 a.m. unable to turn over because of severe stomach pains. Within minutes she ushered me to the bathroom and let me say....once again....she made her momma proud. Can you be proud of the way a child handles vomiting? Well, I was. My girl walked into the bathroom and then in one sweeping motion, removed her top and bottom retainers, knelt down and did her business. No whining. No protesting. No nothing.


Well, I did what all moms do. I held her hair, stroked her face, and then......held my breath with my eyes closed, cause I needed to remove myself from the moment. Cracker Barrel's Chicken & Dumplings were taunting me real bad.

And then I prayed.

Help me Lord. We are all stuck in this hotel room for the next two days. Would you spare us this plague.....please? But God....if you see fit to allow this foul illness to enter Room #419....could you please invoke a sense of urgency for Samuel? Could you "encourage" him to follow in the footsteps of his sister and make a beeline for the toilet and turn from his lazy throw-up


Six hours then pass before dawn breaks. Emma Cathryn is drinking small sips. So good.


We head to Virginia Beach for an absolutely beautiful day, but not before we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop. This is the woman's equivalent to Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor, Barnes & Noble, and Target rolled into one. Throw in some kind of gourmet coffee, a pedicure and a large selection of shoes and handbags and you've got me interested. The Bass Pro Shop is where men become shoppers. They look at guns, fishing rods, pants made of rubber that can be worn in 8 foot of water and guns.

Hannah made an important point to me as we were checking out. You can take a girl to a "man's world" of shopping but evidenced by our purchase we will find shoes, food, or reading material or else the trip is a bust.

Hello cherry sours & flip-flops. This place ain't half bad.

Dad and Samuel headed for the VA Beach boardwalk. Let me give you the head's up about Virginia Beach in case you are planning a trip and you assume based on my visit that it is "family friendly". It is a on soooo many different levels if you know what I mean. We seldom visit anymore but day trips are nice when we can't schedule a real beach vacation to the Outer Banks. We only stayed a few hours and the water was f-f-f-freezing cold but it didn't seem to bother Emma. Remember her? She was the one emptying the contents of her belly just a few short hours ago. Against my better judgement and the fact that my hunger was getting in the way of my mothering skills....she consumed a very large greasy BBQ sandwich from the Dairy Queen and topped it off with a rather large Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard.

The girl has a cast-iron stomach, I tell you.

After this trip I made a couple of mental notes....

1.) Feed Samuel
2.) Feed Samuel some more
3.) Stop starving Samuel

Just kidding. He does eat. He has inherited the family trait of "bones showing through the skin" from my mother's gene pool.

I was not so fortunate.
My bones are very well hidden.

Samuel actually had an ongoing dialogue with the ocean. It would roll in briskly at the balmy temp of what felt like 22 degrees and Samuel would shake his fist at it and run the other direction. As it would roll away, he would taunt the sea with a couple of karate kicks and warrior yells. It was bizarre and hysterically funny.

As we were traveling back to the hotel, I motioned quietly for Chris to turn around and look at our darling daughters under their blankets. What were they doing, I wondered? Telling sister secrets? Making precious memories? I had to capture this moment of "bonding".

I asked them what was going on....

"Umm...Well....We were uhhhh.....diggin' the sand out of our swimsuits."

Very ladylike.

At the hotel pool...


Homeschool....Marriott style! Not really. It was just homework, because we kept the girls out of school on Monday. We actually don't finish school until the middle of June, but my plans are to find out when grades are turned in and at that point we are basically done. Did I say done? YAHOO!!! WE CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!!!

We spent the Monday at Busch Gardens. It was the first weekday that they were open and because Virginia schools are not out yet, we walked on to all the rides. Awesome.

Road Rage in it's infancy...

Look Gigi! A picture of Mom AND Dad......

Hey, wait a minute...

What's that guy doing in the background???

Another day....another joker.

Do these pictures even need words? Basically the equation is....

Amusement Park =

Funnel Cake


Child Sleeping in Stroller

Every. Single. Time.

Samuel had his preschool ceremony. Bittersweet is defined as "both pleasant and painful or regretful". Wow. That carried quite a punch. I am not sure that I am regretful but I am certain there were painful moments during that ceremonial day. It has always pained me when my children are unaware of the changes that are taking place right under their noses. Samuel has no idea that he will not go back to preschool. He's too young to understand the time table and there is no benefit to try and explain it now. His path will be so different from the girls. I am at complete peace with that, but it does not remove all of the sentiment that I carry in my heart.

Samuel has absolutely loved preschool and thrived in the environment for the most part....if you don't count his obstenance against "coloring" and "sitting" and "waiting his turn". His teacher wasn't the warmest, kindest, sweetest individual that I've trusted my children with but I think I was more intimated than Sam was. He made great friends and all the while I withdrew socially and had no interest in establishing relationships. I felt so out of place. God was truly at work in my heart. Where did my priorities lie? Was I weighing each and every parenting decision with a deliberate and prayerful heart? Even preschool? Was preschool best? I had always assumed "yes".

I only know the process that I have experienced with my older two. I only know about preschool, and teacher gifts, and room mothering, and field trips. I know about lunch boxes, and school supplies and homework and bus stops. I am well-versed in the coming's and going's of public school, preschool, and the circles that envelop both. You have seen me on the PTA, as the Room Mother at least a dozen times, riding the field trip bus, and volunteering in the classroom. I have taught afterschool bible studies, raised questions about the "Holiday Traditions Around the World" curriculum that did not include the true meaning of Christmas, and read....I actually read the Christmas story in public school classrooms. I know about developing relationships with my children's teachers that truly impacted their lives....and mine.

All these things I know. Some of them I will miss.

Walking hand in hand with Samuel as we left the church building, I was taking giant steps away from the only education process that I have ever known.

And you know what? Not one tear. I think that the Lord actually paralyzed my tear ducts. I *always* cry. I couldn't believe it! I am ready.

Thank you God.

But to be honest, I have shed tears throughout this process. I have cried those same tears when I got married, got pregnant, had children, and moved across the country. Each time, I was leaving behind what I knew and surrendering to the unknown... embracing His best.

Goodbye Preschool...


Emma's gym had their end-0f-the-year awards celebration on Tuesday night. This gym has been in existence since the 1974. Same owners. Very small facility and no air conditioning. You heard me. Emma chooses to spend a fair part of her summer hanging upside down in a 100 degree metal building that smells like feet.

That's either determination or lunacy. Some days it's hard to tell which.

Level 4 placed 3rd in the State!

O.K.....last but not least.

We put our house on the market on Saturday, May 19th. While we were out of town we received two offers. We chose one. The market here in VA is slow and there is only one reason why our home sold in record time.

Glory to God.

We found some property that is about 20 minutes from here, close to Chris' job, and not too far from church (or Target). About 7+ acres and a sizeable increase in our square footage, but these features pale in comparison to the fact that we will be living out our dream. Chris and I have always....ALWAYS wanted to live in the country. We love barefoot children, open fields, lightening bugs, and front porches. We have always wanted a place to ride four-wheelers and host get-togethers. Oh yes. And chickens. I love chickens. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever dream it would happen at this time in our life.

We should be closing some time next month and moving in our new home by the Fourth of July! I would love to post pictures but I think I should wait until we close. We have an overwhelming amount of work to do over the next few weeks. Moving means purging and I looking forward to that!

(sigh) That wore me out. I hope you enjoyed the very long, very exhaustive replay of
"Mi Vida Loca".


Jenn said...

Ok - I'm worn out from reading about your week.

Jenn said...

Oh yeah - you forgot to mention you sold a house and bought a house!

Kim said...

I'm so thankful your house sold so quickly! That is wonderful! I can't wait to see the *new* one! It sounds great...esp the acreage!

It sound like you had a fun week!

It was a joy to read!


Kelly said...

Kim~ I hope you received my email (I often write them and forget to send them:-) ) thanking you for your encouragement!

I am amazed that your house sold so quickly- that is definitely God because the market here has slowed to a crawl. What has been awesome though, is to see several Christian friends (and you!) who trusted God leading their families to move, selling quickly while homes all around them sit still. Sounds like a fabulous move! Wow! Lots of great changes for your family- enjoy the fruition of your faihfulness to Gods' promptings in your life.

Tiffany said...

Oh what fun for your sweet family to get away and have a little vaca in the midst of all the end of the year craziness!

Just a few comments on my favs...

Love the bedspread in the hotel, congrats Emma...sorry you got sick, I remember fun times at the beach with y'all, can't believe Samuel is done with preschool...he is getting so big, although his bones show through : ), I'm so excited about your place in the country...wish I could come help paint!

kittyhox said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, we have strolled through a very upscale hotel in downtown Vancouver, BC, each carrying a handle of our cooler. It was the first time in my life I ever felt like a hick! But my husband is practical like that, and it was so nice to be able to consume our favorite beverages and snacks and stick our tongues out at the mini bar. $5 for a can of soda? Please.

Congratulations on the sale of your house and this dream that is coming true for you! God is amazing. I love that his plans for us are so much better than what we expect.

Also, your children are beautiful. It has to be said.

Bless you!

Christina said...

Wow, what a week! I too always feel embarrassed about carrying a cooler into hotels, but even worse is the paper bags with cereal and bagels!

I also can relate to the emotions of realizing things will never be the same when you move on to something else. We drove past our "old" church last week to see the new building progress and it was really weird. I love the church that we are at now, but it was still hard to drive past the old one.

That guy in the background is too funny! My husband would have edited him right out.