Monday, March 12, 2007

Worthy of a guest spot...

I have been trying to get my Lurker friend to create a blog but until then, I will keep calling her Lurker (which she hates) and I will start posting the beautiful things that her children say, on my blog, thus receiving all the sweet comments.

Her sweet boy, Ethan said this sweet stuff last week. This was the result of a school assignment, which was:


"I love GOD. He is my konshins. He rote the BIBLE. but his DSIPLES achulee wrote it but GOD told them what to write."

That kind of sweetness makes your teeth hurt.


Anonymous said...

Yep! That's just too sweet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, sweet friend, Lea Ann

Jill B said...

That girl should get herself a blog. Her kids are precious. No wonder you are friends, sounds like she's right on track with life and God like your family.
Can't wait to hear about your getaway weekend.