Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy *Birth*day Gigi!

Dear Gigi,

I know that today is Christopher's birthday, but he has received lot's of "Happy Birthday" wishes from everybody. I wanted to be sure that you were recognized and appreciated on this day as well!

It was 37 years ago today that you became "Mommy" before you were "Gigi". Bright and early in the morning, that little 6 pound-2 ounce, big-eyed boy was introduced as your son. Having held a son of my own, I am overwhelmed with emotion when I try to imagine him growing into a man. How proud you must be of the Godly father and husband that Chris has grown to be. I only know him as my husband and friend, but know him as your baby boy.

I know my baby boy is dear to me in the most special way. It surpasses any emotion I could have ever conjured up in the days I awaited his birth. Was it like that for you too?

When you brought him home, did you nuzzle the nape of his neck and smell that heavenly sweet smell that only comes with a brand new baby?

Did you swell with pride every time someone said, "my, my... that baby has the most beautiful eyes"?

Oooh, did you worry about that basketball head? Before we had children, I must admit....I worried a little bit. They all grew into it, didn't they?

Did you get sad when he turned another year older?

Didn't it seem like he would never ever go to school....and then *poof* he went?

When you gave him a brother, didn't you marvel at the many times that they came so close to killing each other....and didn't?

Did you raise your eyebrows in total amazement at his awesome wheelie-poppin' skills? You had to...... because you were his momma.

You never saw yourself with three boys, did you?
God did.

On this day. This day might be the one that they have to carry me off on a gurney. I am sure you were really strong on the outside. You always are. On the inside, was it hard to believe that time had passed that quickly?

I wonder this....Has anyone told you,"Happy *Birth*day" today? This was the day that you gave birth for the very first time and to the person that I love more than anyone in the whole world! God ordained that on this day, 37 years ago, you would become mother to that precious baby boy and there was great purpose in that. God purposed that through your mothering, that little boy would grow into a man with compassion and love....... for me.

I am forever grateful for how you loved your husband......and their daddy.

Love you-



Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Chris!! I LOVE the pictures. There are several that look just like Sam!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday!!! and this is a wonderful post...loved reading through it....and great photos as well...thanks for sharing...have a great time and enjoy your special can also drop by my blog on Birthday Celebrations sometime for some really great ideas and resources to make your day a really special one!!!

Kelly said...

O.K. not the easiest post to read during the week my baby boy turns 1! Just a little emotional. Just a little!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Chris! Hope this year will be the best ever for you and your precious family!

Love y'all,