Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What we learned in 2006...

We learned a lot of things this year! We made a lot of memories and shared love and laughter with so many friends and family. What a blessing! These are some things that we learned during the year 2006:


When Gigi jumps on the trampoline it makes everybody laugh!

The 4Him farewell concert was wonderful and brought back so many memories for Chris and I and the early days when we began to follow Christ.

Giving your 11-year old a "Spa" Birthday party is a whole lot of work.....

and a whole lotta fun! Yep, that's Sam giving the manicure!!!! Don't you know those pre-teenies loved that?

Don't mess with Vader when he's barefoot.

If you put your hand through a cake when it falls out of the fridge it is still salvageable. That is, after you have a serious crying jag and use about two tubs of icing.

It makes a 9-year old cry when she sees her momma crying (even if it is over a birthday cake) Lucky for me, she said it still looked "just like Molly's" (American Girl) and smoothed my ruffled feathers.

When you are a mom or dad, you could find your kid in a sea of 1,000's even if they are all dressed exactly alike. You bet, I can find that girl. She's the one with the glowing eyes, down front, to the right, yellow t-shirt, holding one arm. Love you Hannah!

When Samuel was chosen to star in Hannah's "made-for-the-VCR" movie based on the book, Yellow Fever; he was reluctant to play the part when he found out he was to lay motionless, and pretend he was asleep (code for dying). I think he was hoping for a part with more lines, more action, more.....light sabers.

Don't ever underestimate a younger sister when she's out for a little friendly competition. Look out Hannah, cause she's gaining on ya! The girls had their first ever 1-mile kids run in May and came back for seconds in the fall.

No matter how fast you think you are, your husband will outrun you or die trying. Thanks for not dying honey.

When your kids get braces, they automatically look 2 years older. Emma you look mavalous!

We love having Gigi come to visit! A special lunch at school is a must :)

Watching Hannah pitch has been one of the most awesome yet difficult things I've done as her mother. It was thrilling to see her grow in confidence and courage and at times it was gut-wrenching to watch the pressure mount and see her disappointment when she didn't throw the strike. After 3+ years of softball, she has taken an early retirement and is dedicating herself to cross-country and will be trying field hockey for the first time this spring! I learned that I don't like my kids being under so much pressure. It makes my tummy hurt.

My husband is the greatest coach- hands down. He will be missed and I will miss watching him (for now). I learned that when Chris is coaching a game that I really shouldn't try to give him advice. It isn't good for the ride home.

Hannah does a mean impression of her Daddy.

When just a few mom's gather together with all of their children it can be an intimidating sight.

There is an unbridled joy in the first days of summer.

There is a special sweetness among friend's who you have grown up with. We are blessed beyond measure for God to continue to provide a way for our families to fellowship despite the miles between us.

Even if you have tractor-trailer mirrors and a backup sensor you still have a blind spot.

I learned (am learning) that when boys play with their Dad's, it sometimes looks like child abuse, but the boy really is having fun.

After all the miles (over 3,000) and after all the days in the car (around 9 days out of an 18 day trip) and the many places that we spent the night (8 different places- I think) and the states we covered (10 states) we still love each other very much. We learned that we not only love each other, but we actually love being together. What a great vacation.

I learned that the camera can't really capture the sheer terror that is gripping my children while they stand (very still) in this chicken coup at Papa's house.

I learned that it's disturbing to see the children that were just preschoolers the last time you saw them. Now they are in middle-school and the girls and boys won't talk to each other. "Hey, you guys used to watch Barney together!!!"

I learned that there are still street preachers in San Antonio and my son could easily be swayed by one, if we aren't careful because he wouldn't take his eyes off of this one (out of the shot). It's hot at the Alamo but I didn't learn that. I knew that already.

Family vacations are an absolute *must*

We learned that Tex is a cocker spaniel, not a cockapoo. We love him anyway. We have also learned that cocker's are prone to "submissive wetting". This would have been something good to learn beforehand.

The world's largest donut tasted as good as it looked.

I've learned that when your youngest has a birthday it seems like you skipped a couple. When did this boy turn 3? How on earth could he possibly be 4 already???

Time passes way too fast....


Kim said...

What wonderful memories and cute pictures!!!! I love the way you recapped the year!

It looks like 2006 was a great year!


lrlwreath said...

Ok these pictures had me laughing out loud (boy I can relate to the Daddy and child abuse picture, with three boys I can relate), and some pictures got me teary (like when did he turn 3! I can so relate).

OH this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

lrlwreath said...

PS...note to self..I WANT A SPA BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR =))

Tiffany said...

I loved looking back on the year and am so thankful that we could be a part of it! I praise God for allowing us to keep in touch over these past years and miles!

Love you!