Sunday, December 31, 2006

Santa's repair shop

After riding his new 4-wheeler for three days straight like a professional and with no blood-shed Chris and I were in agreement that this little battery-powered ATV was certainly worth the money. It was expensive and covered his birthday and Christmas with Gigi & Papaw pitching in. Well, you can imagine the horror when we discovered that one of the tires was making a suspicious *clicking* sound. Upon investigation we found a crack in the interior axle (most likely a manufacturing defect). Chris was quick to point out that I had ridden the "child's toy" for a short time the day before. While this may be true, I only exceeded the weight limit by a small amount AND I was going downhill. I will not be to blame for this one.

We had to load it up and take it back to Wal-Mart. That would be a whole other post and one that couldn't possibly be productive, uplifting, or Christ-like, so I'll leave that one up to your imagination :) I will say that that there is one woman who works at Wal-Mart who earns her paycheck and I met her and she helped me and I'm very grateful. I do believe she represents a minority on most days.

The most gut-wrenching part of this ordeal is that poor Dad (aka:Santa up at 3:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve) had to put another one of these beauties together! But the joy came when Daddy realized he wouldn't be alone. He had a special helper this time around and certainly the job would much easier with his expertise!

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