Sunday, November 05, 2006

Monster Jam 2006

MONSTER (monster) (monster) (monster) JAM (jam) (jam) (jam)

You must use your imagination to hear the guy with the gravelly voice and the huge echo to achieve the full affect!

Samuel and Daddy went to the Monster Jam-2006 this weekend and had the time of their lives! I can't say that I fully understand this phenomenon but I do know for a fact that when a commercial for this event would come on television there would be veins bulging from Samuel's neck and we would grow concerned that one might burst over the excitement.

I would say that this was probably Samuel and Daddy's first *guy* date. He has taken the girls out many times and treated them like young ladies; opening the door for them, treating them to dinner, shopping and time together. The girls usually choose a trip to the mall and of course Dad usually indulges in a sequined, cheesy, poorly made accessory that I am far too sensible for. It ends up being tons of fun for the girls and I am sure that while Dad is blessed by the company he might not be too thrilled with the marathon shopping sprees in Claires.

The *guy* date has proven to be much more appealing (at least the venue)
Here's the checklist:
1)should take place in an arena/coliseum/or outdoor stadium......check
2)they should sell peanuts/nachos/or meat on a stick......check
3)something or someone should move as fast as possible/crush obstacles/show brute strength......check, check, & check

You realize that you could substitute a monster truck for a guy dressed in a helmet and pads and still meet all the criteria?

The Monsters were of course the gigantic trucks with the favorite being the "Frave Didder" better known as the *Grave Digger*. According to my son's reenactment, the large trucks would wait to be summoned by the man with the microphone and then they would rev their especially large engines and pop enormous *wheelies*. The crowd then shrieks with joy and secretly hopes that one of the tires will pop off and go flying in the air. Puzzled? You are not alone.

I can't say that I understand their fondness for these super-duper, crazy-big, Monster-Monster-Monster trucks! What I do understand is that the two boys who I love the most in this world shared a special night making memories, which totally blesses my heart (even if they inhaled way too many *monster* fumes)


Anonymous said...

I agreed to a date to one of these shows when I was in high school. The relationship didn't last. He should have taken me to dinner and shopping!

Kelly said...

I know it isn't exactly vogue to say that a monster truck event is precious, but in this case, I think it adequately applies! My hubby does dates as well and I know he can't wait to go to more "manly" events with our boy!
Lowes does free kids workshops! They are great for the future do it yourselfer!

Jenn said...

Too funny! I'll make sure to tell Brian about it!

Kim said...

Every little boy's dream come true!(I guess) What a fun time for them! I'm sure when our little one gets big enough,he and Mike will be off doing some of the same things....male bonding!

Amy said...

I know I've said this before, but you always give me a good laugh :) You have such a way with words, "MONSTER (monster) (monster)" I can just hear the echo. Meat on a stick, lol!