Monday, August 28, 2006

One week to go and the race is on!

Well, I can't believe the summer is almost over! I read my friend Tiffany's blog a couple of weeks ago about starting school and managed to suppress any anxiety about the impending school year. I won't go there yet. I don't have to. We have a week left and we are gonna go out with a bang!

I will post this week some of our many adventures, but today will be cleaning and laundry day so we can be gone for the week without too much snowballing here at home.

We will swim tomorrow then haircuts for everybody, King's Dominion on Wednesday, Open House (meet their teachers) on Thursday and then to the County Fair that afternoon. Friday we will head to an indoor playground because the weather may be yucky.

I have been accused of being a bit sentimental, but to my credit there aren't too many milestones that slip by without me taking adequate notice. I have the privilege of being home with my children and I consider it a blessing that I have always held that conviction and never once struggled with our choice. I get it. That whole "fleeting moment" concept is all to real to me. I am both blessed and burdened with the always present feeling of them slipping away. There is always gratitude to Christ for the opportunity and a great deal of humbleness for the responsibility. As I plan this week of fun & festivity I am careful to examine our quiet times together. I pray that God prepares us for the separation through time together in the word & prayer. I pray that God prepares my girls for the trials of public school, that they will be a shining example of grace & compassion as they reflect Jesus in their life. I pray that as He presents opportunities, they will be bold about the gospel and make wise choices; choices that stem from the convictions through God's word and the example that their father and I set for them. I pray that the Lord will continue to prepare the hearts of their teachers for the development of beautiful relationships, as He has in the past - relationships where my love for Christ is revealed and our convictions are respected and upheld. As long as God makes the path clear for our family we will surrender this decision and trust Him fully for His provision.

End of Summer- I am not letting go without a fight! We are eatin' popsicles till we get sick, catchin' lighting bugs & wearing pj's at 11 am and we ain't stoppin' till Labor Day!!!!!!



Jenn said...

Enjoy your week!

Kelly said...

Can we come, too?!