Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It was TEXAS hot today!

I am always the first one to scoff at the people here who say how *hot* it is because I know (along with fellow Texans) that you really can't appreciate *hot* till you have been in Texas in the summer. When we visit home, I have to acclimate my children to the heat down there and remind them of their born ability to cope, since they were born on Texas soil. It's that sort of heat where you just get out of the car, breathe and move quickly towards a body of water or air conditioning. No speaking or groaning because that would just make you hotter.

You just focus...Focus on surviving.

Well, today was a vivid reminder of what *hot* is and so we stayed cool by swimming with our sweet (sweaty?) friends. We do not have a pool and most people we are friends with do not have a pool (of their own) but large neighborhood pools are very common here (just not in our neighborhood). We most often frequent the same pool and I refer to our family as the vagabond pool bums. No bother, really because the pool isn't that crowded so it isn't like we are stealing someone else's spot but I am sure if they check surveillance they might reconfigure their neighborhood covenants after this summer.

We had a wonderful time and tried to relish the end of summer with the fellowship of our friends. We are relatively the same age with at least of couple of kids in the same grades. Not one of us is from this state, but most of us have some Texas roots (not a prerequisite but it helps). What has drawn us together is the common thread that we want desperately to have holy homes, godly marriages, and Christ-centered families. The Texas part is just the cherry on top (hee-hee).

I am immensely grateful for the Godly council & accountability that I am blessed enough to be on the receiving end of. I am never able to take credit for compliments or praises in regard to my parenting or life skills because it has been such a combined effort of these sisters that God has so wisely placed in my path and the Lord himself as he has shaped any and all of the *right* things I have done. I have always been a brain-picker (better than nose) and most always it is so that I may examine their ways and try to glean a nugget of how that God-fearing woman/wife/mother made her choices.

Without my own mother or sister, you would imagine a void or absence existing somewhere within me but incredibly there is none. I have found that in the place of that void the Lord has most graciously placed beautiful friends and family both near and far that love me with this radical, forgiving, unexplainable kind of love. A great big hug & kiss (we kiss in Texas) to my sister & mother substitutes because the Lord has used you in a mighty way and through that you have unknowingly shaped my life and I am forever grateful!


Tiffany said...

Hey now who's cheatin'? No I just needed my Kim substitutes with skin on! I did keep looking around every corner hoping that you would pop out again to surprise me. Somewhat of an anti-climatic birthday this year compared to last year!

Jenn is my mom's in touch buddy who we met two years ago and prayed together for a whole year before we started hanging out as friends with Nicole. She and Amy G. just started a boot camp today that meets 3 times a week. It's catching on around here in my circle of friends!

Enjoy your last days of summer my ole' cooty friend!

love ya

Anonymous said...

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life:and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. Psalm 23:6
When I was a little girl, my mother had a good friend at church named Shirley. Whenever I heard this verse or sang the hymn, I naturally thought Shirley, Goodness and Mercy were three Godly women who would follow me all the days of my life and then we would all go to heaven. A few years ago, I was reading through Psalms and when I came to this passage, I started to laugh at my childish misunderstanding. God then gently showed me how the days of my life had been filled with dear friends who love the Lord , supplying His goodness and mercy, accountability and strength. You, my dear friend, are my Shirley (check my fridge). Days like yesterday remind me of His constant presence and provision in my life, so rich in so many ways. Thanks for the friendship and the occasional preachin'. I love ya, and look forward to dwelling in His house together, LaLa

Natalie Bicknell said...

We sure do miss you here in Texas! Just as it is getting Hot there, we actually had a cold front, and it was only 88 degrees the past two days! Never seen kids walking around in coats in August before, but here at Coleman Elementary that is the new trend with it being so cold. I love your blogs, but I hate that they block my pictures that I enjoy getting to see so much, so if you think of me, please forward them to me.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

I spent a week in Austin, Texas during August about 10 years ago (my only trip to Texas so far). I live in Alabama. The heat and humidity are intense here, but I'll have to agree that Texas is hotter. Over here, we get lots of rain to "cool" things off periodically. Texas heat is murderous. And during my stay, we spent two days at a lake!

Is it just me, or are you sick and tired of hearing people in New York complain about how hot it is where they are? 95 degrees is nothing!

Amy said...

Swimming in December looks like fun!

Believe it or not, we have Southern Baptist churches up here :) My husband and I were very involved in one several years ago, and our pastor was a Texan. He took a youth group down to Texas with him once for various missions work with his former church. Years later they were still talking about that incredible heat.

I can't even handle summer in Southern Ontario. I don't think I'd survive long over there!