Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Quick Blurb

  • Sam played his last Upwards basketball game of the season on Saturday. They were missing their best player but still almost won the game and came in first for the season! Sam did a great job (except for the part where he fouled his own guy while he was taking a shot!) Jacob (the shooter) and Sam were born at the same hospital within days of each other and I love seeing these little boys grow into big boys! They were SO upset about their loss but they played their little hineys off and several of the boys played the entire game (including Samuel!) He has been playing non-stop these days in the cul-de-sac and up the street with some older kids. Sounds like his daddy! Baseball drafts were yesterday and his practices start this coming Saturday. He is ready to go and so are we!
  • Clara's foot is gnarly, gross, funky and doing everything it should to heal at this point. We are still months away from this journey coming to a close but at least we can say with some confidence that what we see is the extent of the damage done.
  • Benjamin went to CCA last night for his classes where his teacher (the man from Candy Land) taught him that Jesus died on the cross for his sins (none of that is remotely true). He also thanked God for toots last night at dinner (that is true). That boy ain't right but we love him anyway. His vivid imagination and sweet sweet spirit makes us smile ... a whole lot.
  • Emma is dancing, pinning (Pinterest), and baking her days away. If I didn't know better I would say she is plumping me up for the slaughter because she seems bent on making me FATTER. 
  • Hannah is babysitting, texting, and growing her hair to the backs of her knees. She eats all that Emma bakes and then taunts me with her skinny legs.
I am up too late every night. I have gained back the 10 pounds that I lost these last few months. I will attribute it to stress, water gain, and the atmospheric pressure.

Or maybe I ate too much of what Emma baked and sat here on Pinterest instead of exercising.

Maybe ;)

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Anonymous said...

Praises for this beautiful life. Love love love my Voiles, La La

lori said...

This post just made me smile. :) Sorry I haven't sent pics of clothes yet...crazy sickness in our fam this past week.