Monday, June 13, 2011

What To Say ...

So we took a two week trip to Texas ... 60+ hours in the car ... nearly 4,000 miles.

I could write about that.

Samuel finished up his baseball season and had his 2nd piano recital.

I could write about that.

I went to the homeschool convention here in Richmond. We (the Homeschool Mom's Gone Wild) spent the night and spent a lot of of money too.

I could write about that. (And the curriculum! I could always write about curriculum!)

I could write about our school year (10th, 8th, & 3rd grades respectively) and how it went.

I could write about cell phones, facebook, iPads, iTouches, iPhones, dating, modesty, responsibility, college, raising expectations, drivers ed or a dozen other topics that come from raising teen girls.

We went to Morefield Mines.
Emma danced in 5 numbers for her recital.
We celebrated Mother's Day.
Benjamin had an unsuccessful day (first attempt) at potty training.
Clara thinks she is 15 and has great affection for Monster Trucks and beaded necklaces.

I could write about all that too.

See my dilemma?

So until I decide, here are some pics!

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