Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Where Pictures Tell The Story ...

I can't count the number of conversations I have had with other mothers about the age difference between siblings and the matter of importance that this bears on a person's life ... both the life of the child & and life of the parent.

It is a complicated topic where I have seldom found someone without an opinion or more often a "personal" account of how it affected them as children.

You have the "I like to get it over with all at once" camp ... or the "I want them to be spread out so I can enjoy each of them".

Then there is the "I don't want an odd number of children because one will be left out".

Or how about, "I really want to have another (gender specific) *boy* or *girl* because they should really have a brother/sister.

I have had a TON of these conversations with mothers, both young & old, as well as mothers with children who are very close in age and those with children who are spread out.

Surely there are benefits to both and I can attest to some from both sides of the fence. And I don't think there is anything wrong with being deliberate about planning a family. I have just found it a bit disconcerting when folks find out how far apart our kids are and immediately their faces are somewhat forlorn and the conversation heads quickly in the direction of "better you than me".

I am just so grateful that statistics, personal accounts of siblings turned enemies, and my own flesh carried little weight when we made the decision to have more children, in spite of the age difference between our oldest and youngest.

And by the way, shhhh.... don't tell Samuel & Benjamin that they are 5 years apart ... they don't know they aren't supposed to be friends ;)

All this hot air to preface the following pictures of Clara ... who couldn't care less how old her siblings are but just that they allow her to ransack their rooms and have her way with their electronics.


Ummm.... Touch like thisssss?

Reeeeeeeach and touch???

Two-finger touch!!!

The No-Look Touch.

Scuse me? Did you just say ... No touch?

Crazy Talk.


Fine then. I will primp.

Hellooooo Gorgeousness!

Time for more touching!

Up close touch.

Again with the NO TOUCHING???

I can't believe I am getting to touch all this!

More primping.

The Jackpot of touching!!!


Come on Taylor Swift, don't fail me now!

My point to all that rambling up top is that I think (meaning: I hope and my heart says so) that sibling relationships that are healthy into adulthood have little to do with age difference and much more to do with a love and devotion that transcends the gaps.

Sisterly Love = Love & Devotion that transcends the gaps :)

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Jennifer Prescott said...

Yours and Hannah's photography inspires me. I love it and am trying to do better with mine. Your pictures here are precious. I agree age doesn't matter and that wrapping your family up in a nice pretty bow isn't God's plan for us. I for one wish I had five! It's hard and people just don't know how you do it. How you have five and homeschool and do all you do. I don't know how you do it either . . . but I think it's awesome and I wish I could find out! :) Love and hugs.

Reagan said...

Well said! My father-in-law is the oldest of five and eighteen years older than his youngest sister. Their immediate family has a closeness that I pray our children will carry on! Together, all five of them cared for their ailing parents, continue to gather for each others birthdays, and have wonderful relationships with the various spouses, nieces and nephews (and grand-nieces and grand-nephews)!

In fact, two of Wayne's aunts (who happen to be ten years apart in age and best friends) were the first people to get to the hospital the day Wayne had his stroke. They are so precious to us!

Your little Clara is blessed to be the baby of a big beautiful family! Who would want it any other way?

Anonymous said...

Worth the wait....Love to all, LaLa

Natalie said...

I agree my friend! As much as we think we are in control and all have the perfect answer as to planning our family, ultimately God is in control:)

My personal opinion is that we as parents have a huge influence over how our family turns out. A family that is God centered, encourages a close knit family, and does their best to raise their children without favorites I feel has a greater impact than that of timing.

I can't wait to continue to watch your precious family grow, and celebrate with the impact they make on this world! Love you all:)

the Curriers said...

i understood every single word!!! amen to it all!

Lisa writes... said...


Yeah, I get the "better you than me" look all the time, as well as the "you know that means you will have two or maybe three in college at the same time" comment. To which I want to say: "Yeah, so?" :)

Amy said...

LOVE LOVE LOV!!!! So clever!

Wendy said...

There is 8 years between me and my twin sisters, and 14 years difference between me and my youngest sister. I wouldn't change a thing! We are very close!