Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful ... Day 11 & 12

This whole posting every day is really gaining on me! I hate falling behind because I could easily write about thankfulness all the live long day ... if I could find the time to write and then remember to do it!

Note to parents with younger children:
Buy period costumes while your kids are little. You WILL NOT regret it.

Ellerie the Indian girl

I am so thankful to have been so busy preparing for our Thanksgiving Feast with homeschooling friends that I haven't had time to write! So my gratitude turns towards the blessing of homeschooling ... the opportunities that we have within our community ... and the circle of women who choose this path and encourage me along the way.

What a glorious day!

Recipe for Pilgrim Hats (very yummy)

Jenn's cupcakes!

My blog sidebar is not updated with current curriculum posts and how things have gone this year. I have so much to share! If what I (or collectively - my experience combined with those who I am close friends with) could be a help to anyone else, I am blessed to share when I can find the time.

Coleman's awesome braids

Actin' like a bunch of Indians!

When I first began this journey about 4 years ago I relied heavily on the women who wrote about homeschooling on their blogs. Since then, those women have become busy (and busier) just like me and so writing has been scarce and sacred. Still, I cannot say enough about the kind of encouragement I have found from other bloggers who have been willing to share their hearts as they go ... even if those times are more rare these days.

Sarah Grace

One things that I purposed to do this year was to create more homeschooling days that I would want to remember ... that my kids would want to remember ... and that I would long to do over again.

Thanksgiving Bingo

I don't have to try too hard to create days that I would like to forget. They seem to happen just fine without much planning ;)

He was on the warpath for juice boxes.
Too many juice boxes.

So with that in mind, we feasted this past Friday with a precious group of Pilgrims & Indians. The kids made homemade butter, played Thanksgiving Bingo, and raised the cuteness meter to a whole new level.

Emily Joy

It was an absolutely splendid day with perfect weather, yummy food, and sweet friends. We are all thankful indeed.

Treat Bags

  • Menu: chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, homemade rolls, broccoli casserole, veggie tray & dip, cupcakes, pilgrim hats
  • Games: Thanksgiving Bingo (we were also going to play pumpking bowling with 2-liters but they had so much fun just being together!) We also made homemade butter with whipping cream and baby food jars.
  • Costumes: Adorable! Some had costumes that were purchased and others made their own. The indian shirts my girls & Benjamin were wearing were a snap to make and what an easy & quick costume!
  • Next year: Can't wait! I hope to have the kids prepare a song to sing and also recite scripture about giving thanks. I had some craft ideas prepared but I sort of chickened out since this was my first shin-dig of this size.

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Christina said...

Wow! Looks like a great party! I love how you made such a memerable day. I enjoy reading all your homeschool updates.

Sophia said...

I LOVE IT!!! Can I steal this idea for next year? I miss you guys.
Love you,

Wendy said...

Love the pictures!! Your girls are getting so big.

Julia said...

Emma and Hannah make beautiful Indians!! Haha I miss ya'll so much