Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 4 ... It's Still Summer and I Don't Care What Ya'll Say!!!

I can't believe I posted yesterday and failed to mention Benjamin's attempt to take Emma's fish for a walk OR the horrible mosquito bites that he got a few days ago on his calves (probably 7 or 8 total) that initially looked as though he had been shot (hot, red, swollen) and then progressed to looking like he had been eaten by piranhas (because he had scratched them open). I have kept them bandaged and used antibiotic cream. They are better each day but I am still thinking I should take him in today. No fever but sort of blistery looking. I hate the guessing game and I really hate throwing away $25. I will assess in a bit and see how they look this morning.

I have a couple of new curriculum's this year that are stumping me. I wish I knew someone else who had used them and could walk me through. Anybody out there used Sequential Spelling or Geography Matters?

Today includes:
  • Sam's Club
  • Wal-Mart
  • Three loads of laundry
  • Sorting and delivering maternity clothes
  • 30 minutes of exercise
  • Tacos & rice for dinner
  • Hannah driving with Dad this evening
  • Finish the boys room (the biggie)
I MUST finish organizing the boys room. I found a free dresser that someone gave away on the local homeschool forum that will go in their closet. Chris is going to reconfigure the giant shelving unit to eventually house more books but I can't wait until then to make the room more toddler-friendly. I use door knob covers to keep Benjamin in the room at night and I will use those same covers for the closet door so that Samuel can put his things in the closet that he doesn't want Benjamin to have.

I need to take the plunge and start painting Clara's room. It's super big and it includes the ceiling so I am a little intimidated. I put the pics on here (it's blue now) and my semi-professional painting friend, Tiffany said I should prime first. I am painting the room a VERY pale pink and the guy at Benjamin Moore talked me out of primer. I am thinking I will regret not priming it. Today I am taping it off ... it's a start. Clara has precious bedding but is sleeping in Benjamin's crib among the locomotives. No big deal, right?

I don't need perfection. But I do prefer some order.


The Lord is painfully teaching me that my preferences *seldom* fall in line with His desires for my life. When I think I need things like:
  • a good night's sleep
  • peace & quiet
  • a day without arguments
  • a day without poop diapers
  • time to exercise
  • a date night
  • or a Chipotle burrito
I am reminded that God's provision is perfect. There is not a single thing lacking in my life apart from my lack of obedience to the Lord. If He (the creator of Heaven & Earth) ordained a day of peace & quiet or a night without interruption then it would be so.

I do find rest in knowing that my To-Do list is always subject to the Lord's approval.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! I'm a first time commenter here, although I have been reading for quite a while. I also homeschool. There is a yahoo group you might find useful for asking questions about new curricula, etc. It's called 'AHomeschoolReview' and I recommend it because it's always helpful to me.

Irina in MD

Sophia said...

I wish I was there to help you paint. I think I can slap some paint on the wall in my sleep these days.
We used Sequential Spelling last year and will be using it again this year, but it is time consuming. The kids spelling retention soared through the roof, so I know it works, but it pains me to spend so much time. So, this year, I am making them write the words 3X each day and then come to me for an oral test at the end of the day. I am hoping to get a written test in on Fridays. Last year I sat them all down and gave them a written test together and I wrote the words on the white board every day and then made them write any missed words 5X each.
Hope that helps.
Don't forget to put sleep on that to-do list.
Love you,

lori said...

Kim, so happy to see your posts again. You are one busy mama!! Thanks for always keepin' it real. :)

Kelly said...

Love, love, love seeing your posts:-) You are a busy bee, and I am totally with you on whether to go to the dr. or not. My 11 year old was apparently bitten by a spider while we were shopping, of all things, and it never occurred to me that she might need to see a doctor. In a reversal of our typical roles my husband thought she should be seen, and it's good that she was. Let me just say, spider bites are gross!
Hope the mosquito bites clear up soon, and not to the tune of a $25 co-pay either!

Christina said...

Oh, I am with you on the perfection and order! God is graciously teaching me some similar lessons.

We used Sequential Spelling last year and are continuing this year. Last year we started out with the wipe board and I copied out each word after they spelled it, underlining the root. They soon "got" it and asked if we could go through quicker. So now I read a word, they write it down, and Evan says the odd number words and Amy says the even number words. Most of them they get right. But if they don't, I correct and go over the rule with them. I don't make them rewrite it; they'll get it again for a couple more days. If I was doing it with a younger child, I would stick with the wipe board. It really only takes about 20 minutes total for the lesson. Since Evan and Amy are older (and one is a horrifically poor speller) we do two lessons a day in 20 minutes. Their spelling has improved.

Lisa writes... said...

You've been busy! I agree with the freedom of resting in the Lord's provision. He is good and all He does is good even when it is beyond what I thought I expected or wanted. Oh, for the humility to walk in surrender and submission!

Wendy said...

Sounds like lots going on at your house these days!

Hope the painting goes well. The idea of painting is always better than the actual painting. :)

Love what you said about the list - so true!

Amanda said...

I looked at the pics the other day and I am ashamed to admit that I just now read. I had no clue you write about a "to do" list. I just wrote about how stifling mine can be. I like what you said! I am learning to be flexible and I don't like it!

Can't wait to see the finished pink room!!

Wendy said...

Hi Kim! I've called you a couple times recently. Hope we can talk soon! :)