Monday, August 16, 2010

Changes ...

Every time I come in this room my heart falls into my tummy just a little bit. Benjamin no longer resides in "the nursery".

I love "the nursery".

I especially love the season of life when one of my children live there.

These kind of changes are good in so many ways but they never pass over me without a wave of sadness.

A sweet sadness that somehow manages to both break my heart and fill it at the same time.

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Amanda said...

Don't be sad. You still have a nursery baby! :) I understand what you mean though just not as many times as you. Love the LONE STAR state pillow!

And the color of the walls is what I painted MY bedroom. :)

Beautiful nursery!!

Kelly said...

Love this room, it just looks like a cozy little haven to rock and cuddle little ones in:-)