Monday, July 12, 2010

Update on Jason

My cousin has been moved to Baylor Hospital in Dallas to begin his rehabilitation which I believe will last about 6 weeks.

He has made great progress in the last week and I am anxious to hear how his first day of rehab (today) goes! Learning how to deal with the paralysis is a huge process for the entire family so please continue to pray for their renewed strength and that they be encouraged along the way.

The community and their friends and family have really cared for them in ways both big and small ... from meals and mowed grass to providing tires for Steven (his brother) to have on his truck as he makes a lengthy trek each week from Lubbock to Dallas to visit his brother.

There are details about God's provision throughout this whole event but one I want to share is about this horse that they had purchased recently, who unbeknownst to them, lays down on the ground when given the proper signal (and also speaks spanish instead of english but that is a whole other issue ... now I am thinking that might have been what was wrong with my ornery horse when I was a kid!)

Ya'll, the horse lays down on the ground.

And this was somewhat of a perplexing ... even odd problem that they had.
Until now.

My aunt and uncle and their boys have owned, raised, trained and ridden horses all their life. So now this crazy-spanish-speaking-laying-down horse has the ability to be trained for something like this:

I would love to post pics of Jason and his precious friends that have all but camped out at the hospital but since I don't have those yet I will post the ones I have from our trip several years ago.

We love you Craig family!

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Evangelism Family said...

Oh, Kim.. those pictures are just precious! We are still praying...

<3 you guys :)

lori said...

Kim, thank you for the update and making Jason a "real" person to us blogger buddies. We will continue to life him up. I was just thinking about him this morning when I was reading out of 1 Peter about facing trials. The thing about the horse...amazing...but then isn't that just what our mighty God is? :) Love to you and all your family.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kim that is the coolest thing ever! God is so good to provide even before we realize what we need! Were these pictures from like several summers ago?

Love you and praying for you all every day to stay strong!