Thursday, February 04, 2010

Benjamin's Birthday

Blogging and running are sharing space at the bottom of my to-do list but both are things I desperately wish I could do more often. Even reading blogs has turned into a mad dash of sorts and I am seldom ever able to leave a comment. Here's my shout out to you blogging friends:

Love ya'll! What ya'll said was real good! Loved your pictures too!

For now, I have approximately 4 minutes to complete this post and since Benjamin's birthday was last weekend and not too terribly difficult for me to recall, then here goes:

*edited to add ... this is my first attempt at using Flickr and might I say that this post took approximately 9 hours. Give or take a few minutes. I thought it might be quicker.

I thought wrong.

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kim lepe said...

nice job on the cake!! YOOOOOOOOO GABBA GABBA!!!! :)

i hope your baby boy had fun! the pics of him with his hands clasped on the table while waiting for his cake were too precious!!! what a sweet little man!

and why so sad at the end??? too much cake/ not enough nap?? :(

Christina said...

Ditto on the shout out! I gave myself 5 minutes for reading blogs and I have neither a baby nor a two year old! I'm totally impressed that you figured out a new thing even if it took 9 hours. And you look great by the way. Love the pictures of your baby girl.

Lisa writes... said...

9 hours? I'm impressed, regardless. Also impressed that running even makes it on your to do list. On mine: guilt for not having running on my to do list. ;-)