Monday, November 09, 2009

Thankfulness ... Day 9

When we brought Clara home from the hospital, there was quite a bit of kicking and scratching to get to her and smother love on her with great affection.

Seriously, I had to keep track of who held her and for how long because the kids were lined up and ready to argue their case for why it should be their turn next!

Benjamin mostly wanted to identify her "MOWWW!" (mouth), "EYE!" (eyes) and "NOOOOO!" (nose) by gouging her with his grubby index finger ... But of course it was done with great affection ;)

When I tucked Sam in that first night I will never forget his sweet face and these words that he spoke as his big brown eyes filled up with tears:

"Momma ... You know Momma, sometimes people cry when they are happy ... You know?"

(as tears spilled down his cheeks)

"And Momma ... I am real (sniff) happy ... and I just ... just ... I JUST LOVE BABY CLARA SO MUCH!"

(as he burst into tears)

I am thankful for this sweet little boy who has a gigantic heart that gets so full sometimes ... it makes him cry with joy.

A blessed baby sister just minutes old with her big brother ...
An old soul


Wendy said...

That is SOO sweet! Love him!

Sophia said...

That makes tears spill down my cheeks to read such a heartfelt reaction. He is growing up to be such a godly man.

Dorothy said...

What a sweet boy indeed!

lori said...

Precious...just precious!!!

Smockity Frocks said...

Oh! That made ME cry!!!