Monday, November 16, 2009

Thankfulness ... Day 12, 13, 14, & 15

So I fell behind. Boy am I thankful this doesn't count as a grade ;)

I am going to bullet some things that I found myself grateful for in the past few days in no particular order or importance ... just my thoughts

  • Church! I missed going to church these past few weeks and we made our first trip as a family of 7 this past Sunday. Everything went really well and we even made it to early service which meant leaving the house at 8:20 in the morning!
  • Good nights with the baby! Cause I think I was taking those for granted until we actually had a bad one.
I mean a really bad one.

As in, she didn't actually fall into a restful sleep until about 6:00 AM. I told her I was very sorry for my lack of gratitude for her very peaceful evenings and I promised to never ever take them for granted again ;)

  • The sunshine is here! After so many days of cold and wet we are so grateful for the sun! We plan on having some outside time this afternoon after a very productive morning.
  • The vibration feature on the bassinet is working again!
What on earth did they do before the invention of the vibrating baby product for goodness sakes?

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lori said...

loved the vibrating bouncy seat! :) I'm sure Ms. Clara will give you many more peaceful nights now that she knows how grateful you are for them! :)

ajnrileysmommy said...

so sweet!! could you email me the one of her in the basket in the chair so i can play with it in photoshop??