Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Pieces of LIfe

  • Samuel was given the game ball on Saturday ... best defense. For some reason, seeing his name with the date on that dirt-orange Little League Baseball brought tears to my eyes.
  • Emma and Hannah are addicted to Rosetta Stone Spanish.
  • I am 34+ weeks pregnant and I am certain that this baby no longer fits inside my body.
  • I am also certain that I have spoken these exact same words in 2007, 2002, 1997 and 1995.
  • Emma declared this past Sunday afternoon that she was bored and she wanted to do some Math. She is her father's clone.
  • A dear friend had her baby about 10 weeks early. Sweet Abigail was due right about the same time as our little girl. I had the privilege of visiting with her and taking a few pics.
  • Samuel and Hannah began piano lessons with a new teacher this week. She lives in a precious older home with a precious front porch where Samuel swings on her porch swing while he waits. She is so absolutely precious herself that I don't even think I care if she can play the piano.
  • This baby is getting too big ... too fast.

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Wendy said...

So good to catch up w/you! Sounds like lots of great things going on at your house.

BTW, thanks for being such an encouragement to me!

Amy said...

I just had a Rosetta Stone Spanish conversation 3 days ago with another homeschool mom.

What age / grade do you suggest starting that at?

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing snippets of your day! I'd love to hear how the Rebelution conference goes.

lori said...

Thanks for the update seeing what you are up to. Praying for patience while that little sweet bun is still in the oven!!! Can't wait to see her. Oh, and about the boys growing too quickly...I so feel your emotions!! I treasure these crazy/wonderful life-filled days!! Thanks for be a blessing to me through your blog!!

lori raches

Kim said...

Yeah...the Rebelution conference...they will love it!

Your baby is getting that big boy haircut.

Thanks for your prayers for our family right now.

kittyhox said...

Wow, he looks so toddler-like and not at all-baby like in that last photo... I guess it's about time to have another baby! :)

I hope you're feeling as well as is possible these last few weeks!