Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Disney World ... Part 2

We made it to Orlando around 10:30 a.m. and took the Magical Express bus to Disney. After checking in we decided to head straight to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekend.

Call me a fool, but I was under the naive impression that this would be a great opportunity to see the real "Darth Maul" who was scheduled to sign autographs that day. Each weekend there are different actors & actresses from the actual movie who are present for Star Wars weekend as well as costumed folks who look the part.

I grossly underestimated the popularity of this weekend ... especially in the category of grown men.

If I tried to explain the mobs of people it would never do justice to the actual number of humans crammed into very small spaces in order to see Ray Park! Look ya'll, it's Ray Park! Ray Park!

What in the world is a Ray Park?

Well, the actor who plays Darth Maul of course! Without a stitch of makeup on! So he looks like this:

A nice enough looking fella but we (namely, my 6-year old Jedi son) were thinking he might look more like this:

Especially when we found out that autographs required a special Star Wars fastpass that were unfortunately all given out at around FOUR O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING.

Cause, you see ... folks (namely 40+ year old men) came at the crack o' dawn to received said fastpasses.

So we aimed for a quick ride on Star Tours and knew that we would have to scrap this day and try again the following weekend ... much earlier in the day.

The best part about having happy children? They could care less! I used my lens to take some pictures of the characters that Sam couldn't see and he was cool with that.

The rest of our family made it in town that evening but we had some pretty heavy showers so we hung out in our room for the evening. Rain is pretty much a summertime given in Florida. As veterans we never (almost never) leave our rooms without our ponchos!

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