Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Nutshell

Here comes May and bits of April all tossed together without a single bit of order. As goes my life ...

The butterflies have come out! It was a glorious occasion on Friday and we actually saw it happen. Truly amazing.

Hannah had a piano recital last month. I believe I have video footage somewhere.
She played beautifully. She gets her musical talent from her mother maker.

We went to Busch Gardens last month. I haven't written about it because I was waiting for the bad words to leave my head. The trip that usually takes about an hour took about three. After a wrong turn and an exit ramp with 4,037 people all waiting to to go the same place, we should have started taking hints.

It was crowded ya'll.

We took pictures with Elmo. Of course I was banished to the side-window so that "Doris the Professional" could take her $14.99 picture (in which my son never glanced her way because she was a STRANGER).

I feel bad words coming on, so I am moving on now.
The girls and I went to a neighborhood garage sale to look for some baby items. We found a whole bunch of nothing.

Until we saw this:

If this makes no sense to you then our sense of humor won't either. When my girls and I saw this, we busted out laughing and knew that it belonged with Daddy. It was meant to be.

And I don't know what was funnier.

Seeing this little fellow on the card table at the garage sale for fitty-cents or imagining his day in the sun when someone actually paid full price for him ($12.99).

Then we went to a flea market where I found this bird cage for TWO BUCKS!

We went to Kelly's house last week for a play and lunch date. The weather was gorgeous and the kids had a great time.

That grinding sound is the battery screaming for help. Never mind that Samuel is four years too old and 15 pounds too heavy for the little firetruck.

Again, my sense of humor. This picture is cracking me up.
Baby Dedication took place this past Sunday and it could not have been a greater Mother's Day gift. Our church family is a precious thing. I am so grateful for the very purposed planning that went into this special occasion. We have dedicated each of our babies in front of our church families and it was meaningful each time.

For Benjamin, the added blessing was hearing our church family affirm our decision while pledging to hold us accountable to that.

Here is Mr. Fancy Pants himself, who behaved like a wild banshee typical toddler during the ceremony and caused his father and I to sweat profusely smile and nod knowingly at one another.

Oh. And Samuel got new sunglasses. With R2D2 and C3P0.

And if you think that is not news-worthy, then you must not know Samuel.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Pretty Lady!! I sent my hubby the link to star wars week at disney world and he is still not interested in taking this family to the mouse kingdom. The man lives for star wars and not even that could tempt him. Oh, well.

Love all the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

"Sad and happy at the same time."
That's what Ethan said the other day when he was looking at my scrapbook of our final year in VA. "Bittersweet", I said.
We miss ya'll so much, it hurts sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures. I saw that first one of your 4 with Elmo and I thought it was you. Your oldest looks JUST LIKE YOU. They all do actually but she really does.

So glad I found you...

Lisa writes... said...

Love the pictorial representation of your life in a nutshell!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Awww....I love that you put in a photo with your fifth child in it:) You look FABULOUS!!

Wendy said...

Beautiful pictures!

BTW, I love the color of your bathroom! :)