Monday, April 06, 2009

Trying To Sweeten Up

One week left until I begin my second trimester of this pregnancy and I have two words for you, first trimester:


I have never been a fan of extreme fatigue or nausea not to mention the insecurities that come with the first 12-weeks. I am always glad to kiss it goodbye! The beginning of pregnancy and it's overload of hormones also provide ample opportunity for me to be a tad bit antagonistic and might I say ... snippy?

I have tried to write some things about current events (economy, the American church, modesty, the Twilight series, etc.) but I always end up with some very inappropriate adjectives.

So in an effort to keep my blog family-friendly I will keep these posts in my drafts for another week or so and allow Jesus to edit my thoughts a bit ;)

In the meantime, read what these other folks have to say. They are much better at articulating their thoughts AND they don't call anyone a stupid-head.

Limited Atonement?
ht: Leslie @ Lux Venit

What about free will?

Homeschooling Pro's & Cons

More kids??? A blessing???

"Lord, expose what needs to be exposed in our lives ... because what's buried deep can kill the fruit."

"Children, Imitate Me" (this entire series is wonderful)
It works for me to print it off and read during a quiet time

It starts here:

1. Out of Time
2. Gospel Food
3. The Gospel for Busy Moms
4. Prize Your Husband
5. Above All Others
6. Shaping and Shepherding
7. Heart-Work and a Holy Calling
8. Training Before Teaching
9. Pay Attention (ouch)
10. A Question of Priorities
11. First Things First
12. Search!
13. Strength for a Weary Mom
14. Moms of Teenagers
15. Profound Influence
16. Not Perfect, but Humble

Twilight Reviews:
Good Vampire = Oxymoron
ht: Leslie @ Lux Venit

Truth Contender

Challies Review

Hannah's World

Vampires and Young Female Desire

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Anonymous said...

I love you friend. Go eat some Ukrops cake and everything will be all better! L

Lisa writes... said...

Good riddance, indeed! It's been a decade (it has?!?) but I well remember those days...

And that series at girl talk? great stuff!

Anonymous said...

kim...thank you thank you...for the good reading suggestions!!! :) glad you are in the best trimester now!! :)

Lori Raches

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Wait!? Are you pregnant? What in the world have I been missing?