Monday, March 02, 2009

Pieces of a Snow Day

*Baked Potato Soup
*Apple Pie
*Hot Chocolate
*Algebra on Sunday Afternoon (anticipating snow holiday)

*Gloves too small
*Coats too big
*Big girl wears her momma's boots
*The house is quiet

*Grilled Cheese
*More hot chocolate
*Daddy leaves for work ... late :)

*Bird tracks in the snow
*Needing more patience with snow gloves
*Quiet is gone
*What a blessing to be warm!


Jill said...

Snow Days are the best. We had snow this weekend but temps in the teens so too cold for snowman or sledding.
Our favorites on snow days are hot chocolate and sitting by the fireplace eating popcorn.
While I wish for Spring to come it's ok once in awhile to have winter benefits like snow.

Kelly said...

Loved this post! We enjoyed some snow days, too!

Kim said...

It looks gorgeous! None for us, though! ) :