Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bullet Points ...

  • Turned 14 last month
  • Her oral surgery was a smashing success and the once hidden teeth are now exposed and behaving as they should
  • Has developed a love for movie-making/editing and really enjoys designing blogs
  • Excelling in math
  • Margaret Petersen Haddix is currently her favorite author
  • Preparing for her piano recital
  • Eating us out of house and home
  • Wants to redesign *almost* every room in our home
  • Very excited about art class that we began this week
  • Turns 12 next week
  • Loves dance ... her recital is in May
  • Has a passion for unloading the dishwasher ... I told her that is a gift from God
  • Her guitar playing has improved so much! We love hearing her new songs each week
  • Reads with an insatiable appetite ... most recent favorite was The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo
  • Also very excited about art class
  • Singing with the girls choir at church
  • Won't eat the crunch off of any portion of food
  • Has the worst cowlick this side of the Mississippi
  • Started t-ball and therefore the resident expert ... any questions?
  • Reading ... what an amazing process. Words come to life everywhere we go
  • Makes his bed, cleans his room, feeds the dog ... daily chores
  • Art class for him too and he loves it!
  • Has adapted well at his new SS class
  • Learning that boys were created to be men and therefore given a spirit of courage ... don't be afraid of bugs but instead decide the least messy way to kill them :)
  • Trouble
  • More trouble
  • Eats breakfast twice each day
  • Outside is the place to be
  • Loves Daddy ... watching that daily reunion will melt your heart
  • Vocabulary: Bye-Bye, Momma, Daddy, Dis, Dat,
  • Signing: Please, More, Bye-Bye
  • Gives kisses
  • Thinks he plays the Wii, fights with swords, plays ball, and pretends with cars ... Sam is so glad he has a "real" brother now
  • Has decided that if she ever finds out who brought that nasty virus to church a couple of weeks ago ... well ... let's just hope she never finds out
  • Has also decided that there should be an entire line of disposable towels and clothing for such a virus ... in the meantime she will continue to throw away good beach towels after the third day of such of a virus
  • Would love to complete a project or two and but today is settling for the enormous mound of laundry in her bedroom to be folded and ... (drum roll please) PUT AWAY
  • Is rejoicing over new life being knit together ... a new baby will be here in October! We are expecting!
  • Now do I get a total round of pity-applause for mopping up throw-up for an entire week?


  • Is thrilled to be a Dad to five but is still perplexed at the idea of having babies in 2008 AND 2009
  • Loves to be asked the age-old question: "You know what causes that, right?"
  • I am joking about that. We much prefer "Congratulations! Children are a blessing from God!"
  • Had a birthday this month (post is coming ... it was caught in the crossfire of a stomach virus)
  • Ready to fish! The weather is still a bit temperamental around here
  • Has taught Benjamin to count to three (sounds a bit like: "unnnnn, toooooo, eeeeeee!")
  • Managed to be the only one of our clan to avoid that nasty virus ... this picture gives clear evidence as to how:
  • Still did a splendid job taking care of us and made no less than four runs to the store and stayed up until the wee hours cleaning the house ... you have no idea

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Holly said...

Congratulations, Kim! Children are a blessing from God! :) Another beautiful Voiles baby in the making!

margie said...

Kim, Congratulations!!!! So excited for you and your family! I am so happy you are all well and over the bug! Have really enjoyed all your posts recently, love the ones about your husband, I can relate. Happy belated birthday to Hannah & early birthday to Emma. My Jessica turns 14 Sunday. :) Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

yea!!! Kim, I'm so happy for you...congratulations!!! :)

Lori Raches

kittyhox said...

Oh my goodness! Congratulaaaaations! Children ARE a blessing from God, no question. Wonderful news.

Are you freaking out even a little? Just asking because having a second baby is kicking my behind and I'm wondering how you moms of more do it! Seriously.

I hope you have a very pleasant pregnancy and I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Honey,

Just wanted to let you that we were approved for the "Shoe" and I put a bid in on a used 26 Passenger Shuttle bus on Ebay.
I ran some numbers and it looks like we won't have 10 by 2010. Sorry I let you down.

Luv ya,

Lisa writes... said...

Oh, man. I wrote a witty and wonderful congratulatory comment and poof! eaten by the vast world wide web...

Here's the highlights: Congratulations. Really. I am so excited for you and for this newest blessing from the Giver of all good things.

And I love this post. What a delightful look into your family! I too have a resident expert on all things--maybe one or two, myself excluded of course. I too have a Benjamin (trouble. more trouble. totally get that!).

I think that covered it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't stand that tired joke about 'haven't you figured out what causes this?'

Jill said...

How exciting. Congrats. Bet I know why you had that miracle drug Zofran around! That was my saving grace every time. My health care company even sent a congratulations card when I delivered the third child and got off the Zofran. Think they were thrilled not to pay anymore.
I was just happy not to throw up anymore.

Christina said...

Wow! How exciting! I loved that you blogged in bullet points. I was so surprised when I got to the end of yours.

Jill said...

Congratulations Kim and family!! The more the merrier!! I always hated the 'your done now, right?' comment. From another momma of five...they are all wonderful, unique blessings and I wouldn't have it any other way.

It had been a while since I stopped by for a visit and so glad I did. I love the status reports on all of your family!!

Kim said...

Ya'll are so sweet! Thank you for your precious words of encouragement. Our entire family is very excited. These first weeks are so delicate and so I will be glad to be through with this trimester ;)

Jill, the Zofran is actually left over from Benjamin and I haven't needed it this time around (except for during the wretched cycle we went through last week) It is mighty expensive but I cannot sing it's praises enough!

Kitty - I think I probably freaked more with my second and maybe even my third (as far as being overwhelmed). The only thing I freak about now is all the crazy stuff I read on the internet while I am pregnant! I am the world's worst worry wart. I desperately want joy and peace during this pregnancy and I am doing much better than I was with Benjamin. Believe it or not (and I know I hardly believed it) it actually does get easier ;) and as the family gets larger it runs like a well-oiled machine (as long as it gets oil!) You are in that newborn phase and EVERYBODY feels overwhelmed then, especially with a toddler "helping out" ;)

Kelly said...

Blessings! And for a dose of southern for you, Bless your heart for dealing with puke and being pregnant! Never a good combo!
Thanks for all your potty encouragement! He is doing better since I have backed off some, but it is still a trial! I so wish they came potty trained, but we will persevere through this because I know the Lord is building my character!

Sacrifices of Joy said...

Congrats on #5!! I am a distant reader who is due with #5 in 4 weeks!!! I actually do loved to be asked the questions "you know how that happens, don't you?". My favorite answer is always, "yes, and we obviously enjoy it!!" That gets them to be quiet real quick!! Hope you are all well and over the bug!