Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Where I Talk About Football

Let me preface this post about football (where I will be scrutinized and then hung out to dry if I mess it up) and say that while my husband and his brothers grew up loving the Steelers I cannot claim to have been a lifelong fan.

And so, this is the part where I hang my head in shame and admit ...

My name is Kim ... and I loved the Dallas Cowboys.

When I was in kindergarten, this poster hung in my room.

Even though Roger Staubach was the best quarterback, I wanted to marry Danny White ... much to the chagrin of my Papaw.

Cause Danny White was a pansy.
(his words, not mine)

I had a mean gambling habit back then and took my Papaw to the cleaners every chance I could. We had a standing bet:

I took the Boys.
He took their opponent.

The Cowboys were a force to be reckoned with back then, so needless to say, I went home with my pockets just a janglin' with coins.

That was until the dark day, when the new owner, Jerry Jones came along. This is the part where I have to show restraint and not speak honestly ugly about those Cowboys and their very scandalous, shady, obnoxious unprofessional behavior. Seems a bit like a co-winkydink that after Mr. Jones booted Tom Landry out on his keister, things started to stink in Big D.

And it wasn't just the Trinity River, either.

About that same time (1989) I met Chris. I didn't completely turn my back on the Cowboys but with each arrest or foul-mouthed interview I became more and more disillusioned.

Plus. I think Scott (Chris' brother) might have hated my guts or at least gouged my eyes out if I actually cheered for a team that opposed the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So there began my little journey towards becoming a Steelers fan. So without further ado, I shall now boast in the glory of the greatest football team in the history of the universe.

And as of Sunday, February 1, 2009 ... that my friends .... is a FACT! Despite having the hardest schedule in the NFL, they are the Super Bowl XLIII Champions!!!

The Steelers' franchise has won the most total games, won the most divisional titles, earned the best winning percentage, earned the most All-Pro nominations and has the most Super Bowl wins.

That would be six.

In August 2008, ranked Steelers' fans as the best in the NFL, citing their "unbelievable" sellout streak of 299 consecutive games.

When the Steelers are on the road and facing teams with poor attendance and low fan turnout at home, that would result in a local blackout on television, they usually end up selling out when hosting the Steelers, due to Steeler fans buying tickets.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have sold out every home game since the 1972 season.

Cheerleaders? I love that they have no cheerleaders. I said it. We don't need no stinkin' cheerleaders.

I like that football is for men and I don't really like women commentators. There. I said that too. (I might have to write a whole other post about this)

Who needs cheerleaders, anyway?

Pittsburgh has won more AFC Championship Games (7) than any other team. They have also hosted (10) and played in (14) more AFC championship games and than any other franchise.

There have been three coaches since 1969. All three have won Super Bowls.

Speaking of Super Bowls ... We had just a little bit of fun here on Sunday ;)

This first set of pics is from the previous AFC championship game:

Troy Polamalu ...#43
Loves Jesus and actually takes flight during a tackle.

Benjamin ...
Loves AAA batteries and makes a great protest when we remove them from his mouth.

We had some friends over Sunday and it was the first time that we have had a whole family show up in Steelers gear. It made us a little giddy.

We had a lot of food. So much, that just thinking about it has caused me to pop some Tums.

I have seen Chris and his brother lose their mind cheer enthusiastically during a game, so it was fun to have the additional commentary this time.

100-yard interception by James Harrison! A linebacker! Help him somebody! RUN! RUN! RUN!

Touchdown Steelers!!! Would you look at that baby's face?
Tell me the boy doesn't understand the game.

Here's the part where I try to protect the baby and his fragile eardrums.

It was hard to celebrate things like touchdowns because ...

"Did they just throw another flag?"

Gratuitous baby picture

Thank you half-time commercials. The children looked forward to this part all day.
Wouldn't it be funny if we saved the game on DVR and Samuel watched the commercials every single day as if they were an actual television show?

As if.

Hey look! We exist! At the same time!
And seriously, I had no idea we were posin' like "Twinkies" until after the picture was taken.

This guy showed up a day late and obviously a few dollars short. He was immediately taken outback, roughed up and painted black & gold from head to toe.

I think he learned his lesson.

It was an awesome game and we had a fair amount of confidence up and until this happened.

So then we all gulped real big.

Then we held our breath and waited for the minutes to pass.

I actually had my camera out and was going through pictures on the viewer and trying to pretend that this apparent loss was going to be okay.

I mean it is JUST a game, right? (Scott. I am just kidding. Please breath.)

Did Holmes just catch that ball surrounded by THREE Cardinals with nary an inch to spare???
Are those his beautifully pointed toes that came down INBOUNDS to score the GAME WINNING touchdown with 35 blessed seconds left???

So I snapped the moment. Sure wish I had it on video.

Needless to say. We had a mighty fine time ;)

***And Happy Birthday Scott. This post is dedicated to you ;)


Anonymous said...

Great Post, looks like you guys had a fun time. Even though the cowboys were not playing we also enjoyed the game. Thanks for sharing, I love the pictures. At work we won an award for being #1 in sales for 2008 for the Texas market and our boss had a little bit of a since of humor and had shirts made that looked like Steeler Jerseys, but have 08 Team Texas on them. I had to work a little Sunday and had the shirt on and had to stop at the grocery store on the way home. I did get a few strange looks and I think I even heard some booing in the produce section.
Texan's do still TRY to love our cowboys !! I felt a little guilty having on the wrong colors. ha
Love ya.

Jenn said...

Good football post, even if by a woman. And Brian's transformation made me totally LOL!!

Shannon said...

Great post! It had me laughing out loud! :)

Anonymous said...

I was serious when I told you I was mentally compiling a list of Psalms for Chris after the Larry Fitzgerald run. I kept picturing the girls crying if the Steelers lost and I kept thinking "Mercy, what are they going to do?"

Hey Jenn, my boys just looked at the group shot of everyone in 3D glasses and said "who are all those people?" I said without thinking "I don't know, most of them are Barbers" .

Sure do miss you guys and tell Chris congratulations, Love, L

kittyhox said...


I agree with you about the lady commentators. I just feel like to be a commentator, you probably should have some experience playing the game. Kinda like, ideally, all president should have served in the armed forces.

But no cheerleaders? As a former cheerleader I'm biased. They aren't that important in the NFL, but at the college level it would be like not having a marching band! Part of the spectacle and fun.

Anyhoo, congrats and enjoy reveling in your win until the preseason. :)

I'm expecting a miraculous 'Hawks turnaround.

kittyhox said...


Of course, who needs cheerleaders when you have "terrible towels!" :)

Chris said...

Great post!
But I do have a couple of minor issues with the post...
Can you remove the picture of me running down the street after the game?
What kinda ink did you use?
Because it ain't coming off...

Kim said...

LC - I hear ya. I bet you did catch it for wearing that jersey! Would have made us proud though ;)

Jenn - I thought Brian's makeover was such an improvement!

Shannon - Glad to give you a giggle :)

Lea Ann - You know Jenn and her little tribe combined with mine can keep us out of every decent restaurant in the county after church. We miss you too sweet friend.

Kitty - Exactly! Like when they take some famous commentator and let him sit in on the Olympic Women's Ice Skating! Come on now.

I am definitely more partial to half-time shows with bands and performances during college games than I am during the pros. It just gets a little raunchy at the pro games now days!

Plus. I probably harbor some deep-seeded resentment for not making cheerleader in 7th grade ;)

Chris - You and I both know that tattoo is permanent. You aren't fooling anybody.

Anonymous said...

Please don't hate me: I really wanted the Cardinals to win. But deep inside I was happy for you and your'n when the Steelers scored that last touchdown.

Lisa writes... said...

Girl, when you talk about football, you TALK about football! I love it, though I kinda wanted the Cardinals to win for no other reason than I like Kurt Warner...please don't hate me...