Thursday, February 12, 2009

Samuel on the Subject of Marriage

Samuel: "Momma? How did you grow up and marry Daddy?"

Me: "Well. I guess I just got older and so that made me a grown-up. Then after I met Daddy, we loved each other and got married."

***Hoping very much that the questions don't get too in-depth at this point. No need in mentioning Daddy's wrangler jeans played a large role or that I was far from being a grown-up when I got married.

Samuel: "Well, how will I meet someone to marry?"

Me: "Well, when you grow-up and become a man, you can pray to God that He will help you meet a girl who loves Jesus and wants to be your wife."

Samuel: "Well, like, what about if I marry Ellerie and then there already other people living in that house?"

Me: "Well son, if you get married, you have your own house."

Samuel: "Well ya know... my wife ... I get to be the boss of her!"

Me: "OH NO YOU DI-ENT!" (after collecting myself) "Son, there is difference between being the boss and being the leader." I remind him of the times he has been chosen as a leader in different situations and what the bible says about leadership.

Samuel then takes on a look of fret and concern. He is obviously weighing all this information and trying to make sense of it. After much deliberation and serious contemplation, he takes a deep breath and sighs real big ...

Samuel: "Momma. It's gonna be real hard to find me a woman."

I knowingly nod my head. I say a prayer for that little girl who will one day become that woman ... who will be hard to find.

"An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels."
-Proverbs 31:10


Jenn said...

That could be fun times at Christmas!!

blbarber said...

You tell that boy he has to come through "Mr. Barbs" first!

Leslie said...

So cute!!

I love those kinds of talks with my kids!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Aren't those kind of conversations the best?:) Glad you are blogging it all because one day you will want to remind him what he said:)

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One who lies about eating carbs.

Anonymous said...

Kim, you tell that sweet boy that his future "woman" lives in KY, and her name is Anna Catherine!
He's hilarious! ~ Cassandra

Lisa writes... said...


By the way, I tell my boys they can get married when they 1. Have a degree and 2. Have a job that pays MONEY.

And, of course, the praying and the girl who loves Jesus...