Friday, February 06, 2009


Our school year is going really well. Homeschooling has proven to be a very rewarding and blessed gift in our life. It has also proven to be the most challenging thing I have ever done.

In my life.

At each bump in the road, when it seems as if apathy and frustration are taking root, I find myself asking, "Is it me?" or "Is it them?" The answer is always the same ...


Since we (the children and I) both exist in the same state of depravity, then we both tend to cycle through seasons of selfishness, which always seems to be the basic root of our discontent.

I am grateful for these seasons. They bring about a revival in our relationships with one another. They require serious heart examinations which reveal (again) how desperate we are for Jesus. We are then graced with the freshness of His mercy in our life.

Thank you God for the well-placed bumps in the road.

Thank you for the precious time together that we are given each day. Seated around our school table with the morning sun pouring in, reading your Word and lifting up prayers to your throne, we are reminded ...

It is well.


Wendy said...

Oh Kim, I can so relate to this as we go about our homeschooling days. There have been quite a few times that I have been ready to throw in the towel. I am learning so much. It is not an easy road, but I know nothing worthwhile ever is.

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Homeschooling is also one of the hardst thing I have ever done and requires a daily dying of self- so very difficult for this self-focused mommy to do!!!

Got your package- THANKS!!! it looks like super fun and I can't wait for all of us to try it out! Hoping to go home soon...

Jen said...

Hey you! Thanks for your comment today. I have been thinking about you lately and wondering how you're doing but I lost your e-mail address and ours has changed. When you get a second (HA HA!), e-mail me at

Thanks! Hope all is well at your house.


Embracing my cup said...

Okay, now your home looks entirely too clean and neat! My home never, never, never ever looks like that!

I really came over to offer you some cupcakes! They are coming out my ears!!

We are continuing to pray about school vs. homeschool. Keep us in your prayers!

Lisa writes... said...

Beautifully said.