Sunday, December 21, 2008

Once Again ... His Provision

We are hustling around finishing the time-honored and traditional "to-do's" in these last few days before Christmas. Lately, I have mostly posted pictures, because the other hot topics in my life (homeschooling, raising teenagers, our church search) would require a block of my undivided attention ... Even this one post has been interrupted five six seven times.

I thought it would serve to enlighten any new readers about what kind of state I was in a couple years ago around this time of year. You should also read this post, just in case you ever get the cu-hu-razee notion that I have it all together and sweet joy springs forth from my home, each and every day.

A couple of warnings. This is an extremely long post and it carries with it a very "woe is me" theme.

Oh, and when I read through it, I wanted to edit it for content and grammatical mistakes at least 27 times. But I didn't. I have to really weigh my choices carefully and be wise and discerning in my decisions so that I am a good steward of my time.

See how much I've grown?

Here's the post.


Jill said...

Thanks for the flashback in time. A really good friend of mine is without her mom this year too. While my mom sometimes drives me crazy the reality of her loss has made me more thankful.
Praying that you will have a wonderful Christmas with lots of memories made. Sometimes as the mother coming up with those memory making moments can be exhausting.
But oh so worth the effort.

Sugar Momma said...

That was a very transparent post...thanks for sharing your heart. I can not imagine and yet at the same time it upset me to tears to read the ache you have from your mother's absence.

It is easy for me to stand on this side of your circumstance and tell you to talk to your heavenly Daddy and let him hold you and wrap you in his loving arms and wipe those tears from your eyes. But, if I put myself in your position...I'm sure I'd be exactly where you were...for a while. Good for you for picking up your mat and walking!!

I pray while her presence stay fresh on your heart the ache of her passing eases. I pray as you share your memories of her with your children it would be more joy than pain as time passes.

I can only assume (and hope) that you will be seeing her in heaven...what a comfort that would be.

Kim said...

I'm not even sure how I found your post, but so glad I did. I am attempting to homeschool our 13 yr old son. He's had some behavioral issues this school year and we decided to end it. He's always been a great kid and everyone's favorite friend, but peer pressure and some bad choices has him confused and seeking answers. He's just started working with a Christian counselor and we're praying hard for him. I know God has a plan for this child. I hope maybe in the future we can exchange info about homeschooling as I am a total newbie and feel very over my head right now.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.