Monday, November 03, 2008

Life-Defining Decisions

Which road will each of us choose? Very often in those defining moments in life where we get to direct our own course for the future, the factors that weigh most heavily in our decisions are those that seem most likely to provide us with comfort and security. The bottom line in our lives is rarely God's will, as it is revealed in his Word, especially if it seems to cut directly across our best prospects for happiness and success. We rarely think seriously about the impact our choices will have on our ability to raise a Christian family in a world that is often less that ideal. Like Elimelech, we act as the sovereign of our own lives, making the choices that seem best in our own eyes, without reference to God and without serious thought about the long-term implications. Many bear the label "Christian," yet their Christianity has no real impact on life-defining decisions. . . from Iain Duguid's commentary on Ruth and Esther

Change makes my heart hurt. To avoid that, I fear I may sometimes "act as the sovereign" in my life. We are in the midst of great change but God is not far away. I am grateful that even when my choices are still flawed by human nature (sin) that God is gracious to be my provision.

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Jill said...

Amen sister!

Is it time to vote yet?

Anonymous said...

Still praying.....L

Jill said...

My husband has given up watching tv this week. Can't stand the coverage. I'm trying to focus on God is in control and will put in place the right person. But, with all my heart I'm fighting aganist my flesh that wants to either cry or get angry.
How I pray that our country is blessed with a faithful leader.

Anonymous said...

My kids are even praying about it, talking about it, and just worried about it. They have heard me say many times as of late about this and many things...God is in control guys no matter what happens. I do hate this time, and all the polls seem to be giving Obama the majority votes, but maybe just maybe we can pull it out here at the end. I have not been watching tv on all of this so it has helped my anxiety about the possible change. We took the day off today from school to go work out and then we went for a wonderful and long Fall hike. It was a blessing and so much needed break from the day to day.

We are so ready to come see y'all!



Shannon said...

Amen. God is in control.