Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In Keeping With the Theme ...

Yes. We are a tad cheesy. Here are more cheesy, goofy, fun pictures from Halloween, Happy Harvest, Reformation Day.

We went up the street to a Reformation Day, Halloween, Happy Harvest Festival, where the kids (Samuel) jumped around in some inflatable houses with his friends.

Then we came back to our house for chili and trick-or-treating visited some homes in my neighborhood where we dressed up and asked for candy.


I get so confused.

Anyhoo. We had a wonderful night together with friends. If you cannot easily find the ever-so-clever theme for our family, we were nerds twins.

Kelly and her boys. Joshua was so cute!

Ellerie finds this whole charade a bit beneath her.

Emmie as Princess Leia making a fashion statement sans the buns.

Time for candy!

This one house had an apparent love for all things trick-or-treat and had like a dozen buckets of different candies. They had invited all of their older friends (read: grandma's & grandpa's with feather boa's) and actually took pictures of the kids.

It was kind of funny.

And kind of weird.

But no matter. It was candy. Our kids were willing to pose for a couple of pictures in order to collect from this large bounty of goods!

Then, they turned on the smoke machine, which provided more than ample coverage for our little beggars to dig in for more loot.

Brian & Calvin

The Crew (in part)


Evangelism Family said...

ok, that's it.. we are moving to your side of town! (lol, I wish)

Looks like a lot of fun. It's fun to see Christian's being a light in a dark world!!

;) Jamie

Anonymous said...

What's with the wad of cash in your hand at CHBC? And I prefer Steve Farrar's characterization of the tradition as "plundering the neighborhood as Israel plundered the Egyptians"! L

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Looks like fun! We had twin Darth Vaders, a Transformer (my oldest daughter- can you believe that?), and a princess. We also discovered that NO ONE in our neighborhood goes out before dark and only five families give candy. Sheesh- totally ruined it for me.

Jenn said...

I love the pic of Brian 'walking' Calvin!

Amanda said...

Your daughter looks JUST like you! Your family is so beautiful!!

Love you!