Monday, November 24, 2008

A Day in the Life

Busy times. Too busy for deep thoughts that get written down. Of course, I still have deep thoughts ... but they are getting buried by the daily task of raising/wiping/changing/correcting/loving/praying/and teaching these blessings of mine!

We are preparing for a very lazy Thanksgiving break and a much anticipated trip from Gigi! THREE CHEERS FOR GIGI! BRING ON THE GIGI! WE MISS GIGI!

Sorry, but it has been a mighty long time since we have had some Gigi around here.
The following montage is but a small glimpse of "A Day in the Life" but I love to mark the days of our life with truth. Some of these pictures are a bit more accurate in portraying the delicate balance between harmony ... and lunacy.

Which is what makes this whole cotton-pickin' thing so much fun! Here we go:

Our kitchen/dining area/homeschool room make a loop. This encourages all sorts of inappropriate running and chasing and it most always involves a barking dog. Please take note of the eyeglasses, which belong to an unnamed American Girl doll. Please do not take note of the messy counter tops.

We'll call this set: "Monday Mayhem"

This set is titled: "What are Helmets?"

We moved on to the backyard because it was finally a day when the air was not BONE-CHILLING cold.

This trio of photos is called: "We Love to Pretend That We are Orphans"
(I try not to take this personally)

We made homemade suet cakes for the birdies last week for science. Hopefully, the birds will think it looks appetizing.
Emma and Hannah were in a production of the Sound of Music a couple of weekends ago. They participated in a small and free! local children's theater. It turned out to be a really fun show, but I was not able to get any pictures.

Hannah was an extra nun and her habit included the head covering, so when I saw her during breaks, her hair was doing some odd things. She avoided me and my camera like the plague.

Emma was a catholic school kid (all kids get a part, so parts are often created) and this is the only picture I have.
No montage of mine would be complete without pictures of Benjamin.

Let's call this group: "I Smell Like Honey-Nut Cheerios & Heaven"
I'll leave you with a couple of shots from school today.

We could call this: "Not Easily Distracted"
Yes. My kids ride without helmets and my baby chews on electrical cords.

We live on the edge.


Leslie said...

I want to come live with you. We can play "We Love to Pretend We're Not Mommies." It's fun for just a little while ;)

Amanda said...

I can feel the joy in your home just by looking at these pictures. I am wishing I lived next door! :)

Anonymous said...

-I love the glasses. I'd like to think he's just trying to be like LaLa.
-Whose Puccini bag?
-I love to see Sam in our "handy downs" (Ethan's very appropriate misspeak...) Why does it make me so happy?
-OK, I know it is unplugged, but it is still an electrical cord that baby is chewing on! I'm just saying....
Love, love, love you all, LaLa

Lisa writes... said...

LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you momma! Those kids are just seriously so blessed and lucky that God has placed them in your home...

I love you~