Monday, November 10, 2008

Seasons Are Good

Again, with the what to say problem. Not usually much of a problem for me, but with things as they are, I am aware of what a weapon the tongue can be.

I could write about how church went yesterday. Mercy, what a prayerful bunch of friends we have. Can I tell you that we felt everyone single one of them? God was more than gracious in supplying our need to be loved while providing an atmosphere where He could be worshiped. Brian wrote a sweet little note about it here. Jenn shared a piece too.

I could write about my dear Emma. How the evenings are growing predictable with her. As I lean in, to give her a bedtime hug, she links both arms around my neck and pulls me tightly to her.


“Yes, baby.”

… (tears) …

“Momma, when will it feel alright?”

… (more tears) …

“Not as quickly as we’d like, sugar.”

I remind her that it is alright. Cause God is right. His ways are right. Always right. I make her look me in the eyes and I promise her that it will feel that way. He never leaves us and He most certainly never leaves us the same.

I could write about the most glorious walk in the park that we took on Friday with Sophia and her children. I left my 5th child camera here at home and it was definitely an error in judgment. Thankfully, Sophia took some pictures for us. I may try to go back this week before the leaves are all gone. They have been so boastful about their beauty this fall.

Yes, Lea Ann. You may gloat now. Because this Texan does finally love the fall.

For many years, I have truly despised the fall. Even though I could appreciate it's beauty, it was always a bitter reminder that summer had come to an end. The rigid demands of school and schedule became dictator over our lives. Winter was coming and it would be harsh in comparison to those days spent in the balmy south, where it was not uncommon to wear shorts at Thanksgiving.

I hate coats. I hate gloves. I hate shoes.

Winter means I actually have to put on socks AND shoes, neither of which I considered necessary wardrobe components, before moving here.

But, beneath the surface, there was more going on than just a mere climate adjustment.

Autumn was full of memories that tore away at my heart. We moved to Virginia in the fall. It was so beautiful and I remember being awed by the tallness of the trees and even the simplistic view of a tree-lined pond was enough to make me pull over and take pictures. I sent letters back home with a lot of exclamation points and cutesy artwork.

But I was grieving in the worst way.

We had left our first church home, in Texas. That kind of love was new to me and I was so infatuated with it. Ya’ll, they genuinely loved us! Pure and simple. No strings attached. Not perfect by a country mile, but it was the closest thing to perfect I had ever come.

And I never wanted to leave.
But we did.

When we came here, I spent many Sunday mornings visiting local churches with the girls, while Chris had to work.

Oh joy.

Can I just tell you, that if a young woman (I was young then) ever visits your church with small children, I implore you to DROP. WHAT. YOU. ARE. DOING and help that young woman anyway you can.

Cause you never know. She might have just had her two-year old poop her panties on the way there, and her four-year old might have decided to unscrew her milk cup lid, and then she might have gotten lost on the way to church, even though it is only 3 miles from her house, because this isn’t her house, cause her house is 1300 miles away, and she doesn’t know where she is, and she can’t believe she is having to do this without her husband, and now people will think she is single or worse that her husband won’t go to church with her, so people are judging her before they even get to know her and just because her face is bright red, it is not because she is angry, it is because she is embarrassed that there is no where to sit and by the looks of the people’s faces they think she may sprout wings and fly. At any moment.

Sorry. I got lost in the moment there.

My point?

I love fall. God has restored that family of believers in my life in ways I could not have imagined.

He works through these seasons in my life. Even when I know that the winds have shifted and the leaves have changed. Cold days and gray skies are a promise, for sure. We cannot will our way around the wintertime. It will surely come to pass.

But God’s promises do not end with gray skies. He does a majestic and glorious thing when He ushers in the spring. Bringing forth a display of new life and growth that can only serve to give Him glory.

Our family will make use of this wintertime and be diligent in preparing for spring. Thank you all again for your prayers.

Point of Rocks Park


Jenn said...

I like that: "It is right ... God is right ... and it will feel right."

5honeybunns said...

These pictures are not worthy of your blog. It is amazing to see the quality of your camera vs. mine.
Beautiful post. I think I am starting to love fall, too--at least these mild days--I may change my mind when the chill sets in.
You are a blessing to me.

Christina said...

God prompted me to pray for you and your family this Sunday too. You guys have been heavy on my heart.

And oh, I can so relate to what you said about having to go to a new church by your self! God uses it to make us sensitive to others though, and that's a good thing.

Thank you for your good reminder about how God works through the seasons of your life. We're in a bit of a winter here ourselves. But you are right, God is so good. It's hard when it doesn't "feel" good. But He is faithful.